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Klingon Empire RebelBeta Thoridor System
Beta Thoridor System.png
Mempa Sector
Beta Quadrant

Beta Thoridor Sector Map.png

The Beta Thoridor System is a system located in the Mempa Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

A red dwarf star orbited by three distant planets, Beta Thoridor is best known as a navigational mark for pilots in the region. The planets of the Beta Thoridor system are not habitable and have no known deposits of useable minerals. With the expansion of Romulan and Reman activity in this area of space, it is likely that expeditions will be sent to this system again to look for anything of value to the colony.

Missions Involved[]



  • Relocated with release of Season Ten: The Iconian War on April 21, 2015 from Nimbus Sector to Mempa Sector.
  • Currently this system patrol is the only place to find Rebel Klingon ships for the Kill Accolade. However approximately 20 ships spawn during the battle so it would only take ten patrols to fill the accolade.

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