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Voth Viriosaurus Rex

A Voth Bio-Engineered Viriosaurus Rex

The Bio-Engineered Viriosaurus Rex is a boss for the Voth ground forces. It is the largest dinosaur they bred for combat, covered with cybernetically implanted armor with mounted weapons.

Armament[ | ]

  • Voth Antiproton beams
    • Two larger turrets are mounted on the lateral sides of the head armor, firing a thick beam in a narrow forward arc where V-Rex's head is directed.
    • Three smaller emitters are on the lateral sides of the body armor - mounted slightly above the area between the leg and arm. It fires in a wide arc on up to three targets, similar to some split-beam weapons.
  • Transphasic Chroniton Mortar
    • Mortars are fired from the points on the back armor covering the sacral region or slightly above, toward the head. When preparing to fire, V-Rex will stop moving and slightly lower its head in order to position the mortars. The area that will be shelled will be marked with red circles.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Melee attacks
    • Foot Stomp: In preparation for the melee attack, V-Rex will raise one leg and stomp a target in front, dealing Physical damage.
    • Tail Swipe: It will swing its tail to deal Physical damage to the large area behind it.
    • Vicious Bite: Toxic damage attack using its sharp teeth.
    • Savage Maul: Physical damage attack.
    • It also uses a piercing scream during the combat, but it is unknown if it deals any damage or debuffs.
  • Weapon attacks
    • Mortar II Explosion: Kinetic damage attack.
    • Rapid Fire Bolt: Antiproton damage attack.
  • Summons allied Dankanasaurs.

Health[ | ]

  • Shields: 8,015
  • Health: 30,779

Missions involved[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • V-Rexes in the Voth Battlezone count towards the "Defeat a Bio-Engineered Viriosaurus Rex" Universal Endeavor, and the "Defeat Captains (Ground)" Personal Endeavor.
    • The V-Rex in the mission "Partisans" does not count toward the "Defeat a Bio-Engineered Viriosaurus Rex" Universal Endeavor.
  • 3 V-Rexes appear (one in each zone) after the entire Battlezone map has been cleared of Voth.

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