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KlingonBoreth System
Boreth System.jpg
Boreth Sector
Beta Quadrant

Boreth Sector Map.png

The Boreth System is a system located in the Boreth Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

It is the location of the sacred Boreth monastery where the Sword of Kahless, the first Bat'leth, was kept.

System description[]

When Kahless the Unforgettable left his Empire, he pointed to a star and announced that he would one day return at that point of light. The Boreth system is that star, and in tribute to the Promise of Kahless, a monastey there holds a revered order of Klingon monks who keep the memory of the Promise alive.

Missions involved[]

  • “Space Chase”: On his hunt for the fugitive Franklin Drake, the player has to engage several Federation ships in the Boreth System.
  • “Afterlife”: Kahless has commanded the player to join him on Boreth to fight the Fek'Ihri.
  • “Knowledge is Power”: The player, J'Ula, Martok and Adet'pa seek council from the monks on Boreth in light of J'mpok’s dismissal of the High Council. They defeat KDF and Aakar’s forces while in orbit.
  • “Leap of Faith”: The player and their allies repel a new Fek'lhri attack in the Boreth System following the rebirth of Chancellor L'Rell.
  • “Warriors of the Empire”: The player meets with Martok, J'Ula, Adet'pa and L'Rell aboard the K't'inga in the Boreth System to discuss their plan forward.
  • “A Day Long Remembered”: With allies gathered preparing for the final battle of Qo'noS, J'Ula holds a briefing aboard the K't'inga where she, the player, Martok and L'Rell motivate everyone with speeches before departing. After a word with J'Ula, the player beams back to their ship and gives the word to depart from the Boreth System to Qo'noS for the final battle.

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