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Seven and Borg
Assimilation of a Starfleet installation by the Borg Collective

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Delta Quadrant
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Borg Queen
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Open warfare

Borg Cube
A Borg Cube

The Borg Collective is the term used to define the forced combined consciousness of trillions of individuals, using technology. The Borg are distinguished by their collective consciousness (often heard by a chorus of voices), their fusion of biological matter and technology, and their driving principle to assimilate all knowledge or eradicate threats, without regard to ethics.

The Borg are led by a figurehead, known as the Borg Queen. The Queen directs the actions of each Borg unit, and assigns priorities and tasks via subspace communications. No Borg drone or unit can function without being connected to the Collective, as witnessed in the kidnapping of Locutus shortly after the Battle of Wolf 359.

The Borg are also easily identified by their iconic vessels, whose basic shapes underscore their massive destructive potential. It's crew numbered up to 130,000 and on two occasions the Borg were confident enough to send just a single cube to assimilate Earth. On both occasions, the Cube was only narrowly defeated by Starfleet.

The first official contact between the Federation and the Collective came in 2365, although unofficial contacts and assimilations predate this. The Collective was severely weakened by the actions of the U.S.S. Voyager in 2378, however in 2409 the collective renew their assault on Alpha Quadrant powers at Vega.

Tactical Advice[ | ]

Remodulating frequency

Remodulating an energy weapon can take precious seconds in combat

The Borg have some unique mechanics that make them a challenging foe for new players first encountering them. Note that most of these mechanics are not present during their inclusion in the Starfleet Tutorial, and most players will first encounter them in “Where Angels Fear to Tread”.

Ground[ | ]

Drones adapt to energy weapons (i.e. Phasers or Disruptors) after a few shots, then you will no longer deal damage to them (this is signposted in hovering green text reading "Adapted"). To counter this you must either;

Borg can anchor you to a spot and if you try to move you will suffer Electrical Damage and be pulled back. Borg can also adapt to Crowd Control abilities.

Space[ | ]

Their Tractor Beams are only effective within 5km, so remain more than 5km away from the ship.

The Borg Shield Neutralizer is highly effective. It is difficult to prevent, but your abilities should include ways to regenerate shields (i.e. Reverse Shield Polarity, Emergency Power to Shields and Shields Batteries) and improve your hull (i.e. Damage resistance consoles).

The Borg use a transporter version of Boarding Party, but you can still clear them with Tactical Team and restore disabled systems with Engineering Team.

Borg Plasma Torpedoes deal Plasma Damage over Time, so even when you are no longer being hit by them, they will continue to damage you.

  • The Plasma torpedoes can be destroyed before they hit you. When you see a barrage start, trigger Beams: Fire at Will to take them out.

Culture[ | ]

The group consciousness of the Borg civilization is created by linking each Borg drone to the collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant supervision and guidance. The collective is broadcast over a subspace domain similar to that utilized by transporter technology. Being part of the collective offers significant biomedical advantages to the individual drones. The mental energy of the group consciousness can help an injured or damaged drone heal or regenerate damaged body parts or technology. This is instrumental in the Borg ability to adapt with great speed to defensive tactics used against them. Increasingly, the Borg are utilizing cybernetic technology, replacing large parts of the original body in order to increase reaction time and intelligence. This has also led to the Borg being more willing to take aggressive action than ever before. Ever since the Collective learned about the Omega Particle they have developed an almost spiritual reverence of the molecule. They believe it to be an embodiment of the ultimate goal of the Borg; perfection itself.

History[ | ]

Borg Screenshot 009

Borg regenerate in alcoves until they are needed

  • In 2063, Borg from the 24th century attempt to alter Earth's history by preventing First Contact. They were defeated by the mutually time-displaced U.S.S. Enterprise-E without altering contemporary Humans or Borg. However a remnant of Borg forces were frozen until 2153. They succeeded in sending a message to contemporary Borg but were not identified by the Humans of the era as the Borg.
  • By the 24th century, the Borg had begun to encroach on the Beta Quadrant and assimilated the El-Aurian homeworld. A pair of exobiologists pursured rumors of the Borg; discovering and following a Borg ship. They, and their daughter Annika Hansen were assimilated.
  • Activities of the Borg were first noticed by the Romulan and Federation when several of their outposts along the common Neutral Zone were "removed" by an unknown power in 2364.
  • In 2365 the omnipotent being known as Q introduced the U.S.S. Enterprise-D to the Collective, giving Starfleet time to prepare countermeasures in case the Borg should decide to strike against the Federation.
  • A single Borg Cube rampaged through the Beta Quadrant in late 2366, leaving a trail of devastation on course to Earth. Jean-Luc Picard was assimilated by the Borg into Locutus of Borg and helped them to overcome any defense Starfleet could devise. This resulted in the devastating Battle of Wolf 359, where more than 40 Federation and Klingon Starships were destroyed. In an desperate attempt to disrupt the Borg Collective, Locutus was retrieved from the Cube and Data managed to implant a fatal command into the hive consciousness ultimately resulting in the destruction of the Cube in orbit of Earth. The Borg Queen was on board when the ship was destroyed.
  • A second invasion in 2373 was averted by the U.S.S. Enterprise-E after the Borg traveled back in time to prevent the first contact between Humans and Vulcans. The Borg Queen was killed by Captain Picard in 2063. The wreckage of the Borg vessel would be discovered in the 22nd century leading to a predestination paradox when the regenerated Borg sent the coordinates of Earth to the Delta Quadrant.
  • The U.S.S. Voyager has had several dealings with the Borg. In 2373 the Borg would attempt to expand into the parallel dimension known as Fluidic Space, causing an all out war with the Undine, an enemy that could resist any attempt of assimilation. Kathryn Janeway liberated the drone known as Seven of Nine and repelled the Undine invasion of the Milky Way.
  • The Borg Queen's vessel, the Diamond, was destroyed by Voyager in 2375.
  • When an alternate 2404 version of Kathryn Janeway travels back in time to 2378 to allow Voyager to get back home faster than possible in the original timeline. A fatal blow is dealt to the Collective when the Unicomplex is infected by her with a neurolytic pathogen. The Borg Queen is forced to self-destruct the whole complex, dying in the process. Retrofitted with technology from the future, Voyager fought her way through the disrupted Borg forces and used a Borg Transwarp Hub to return to the Alpha Quadrant, ending her seven-year journey through the Delta Quadrant.
  • Borg activity declines and completely ceases to register in 2383 to the knowledge of Starfleet. The Collective is believed to have been defeated permanently.
    Borg Queen site

    The Borg Queen

  • The Collective returns in force, invades Vega Colony and creates a foothold in the Hotep and surrounding sectors of the Alpha Quadrant in 2409. Despite these incursions, the invasion can be contained by the Federation, as well as Klingon and Romulan Republic forces.

Politics[ | ]

The Collective is determined by the single imperative to perfect its life-form biologically and technologically, and to assimilate and incorporate knowledge to achieve perfection. The Borg Collective, in certain cases, creates a representative to speak for the Borg, as in the case of Locutus and Seven of Nine. These representatives retain some capacity for independent thought.

The Borg Queen, almost resembling a person, is the manifestation of the hive consciousness. It is her task "to bring order to chaos". It is not clear to what extent she is able to formulate thoughts and imperatives outside the collective hive consciousness, and how exactly she is able to implement policies.

Missions Involved[ | ]

Omicron Kappa II surface

Omicron Kappa II

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Space[ | ]

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