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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.

"Borg Collective" (previously know as the Borg Front) was a mission arc featuring a conflict with the Borg). It was available to all factions until it was removed from game and replaced by the Borg Advance arc with the release of Season Nine: A New Accord on April 22, 2014.

List of missions of the Borg Collective[]

Lvl Name Giver Release Date Removed Date
45+ “Report to Gamma Orionis” Quinn Faction FED25.png, P'tor Faction KDF.png, D'Tan Faction Romulan Republic.png February 2, 2010 August 16, 2016
45+ “Collateral Damage” D'Vak February 2, 2010 April 22, 2014
46+ “Asset Recovery” D'Vak February 2, 2010 April 22, 2014
46+ “State of Q” D'Vak February 2, 2010 April 22, 2014

At level 45, D'Vak also offered players “To Boldly Go: Explore the B'Tran Cluster”.

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