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Borg Invasion of Defera New Lightning

Borg Invasion of Defera.

The Borg Invasion of Defera is a level-50 adventure zone in which Task Force Omega calls on ship captains to assist in their battle against the Borg Collective, which launched a massive attack on the planet Defera Prime to assimilate Preserver technology.

The Defera Invasion zone pits players against the Borg in different situations scattered throughout the planet's vast and varied landscape. There are four different areas of conflict on the map, each with its own range of difficulties. Missions vary in difficulty, from the Easy and Medium missions being solo play, to Hard missions that require a 3 member team to initiate.

General information[ | ]

Captains Kuzmina and Wek explain the main goal in the Defera Battlezone after player's first arrival.

Federation & allies[ | ]

You're just in time! The Borg are overruning the planet, and the Deferi need our assistance.

There are command centers in this base camp to organize our offensive in each area currently being targeted by the Borg. We'll also need to deal with the Probe they've dropped right into the middle of this mess.

Talk to the personnel here. They will have assignments for you that will assist in our defense.

The Deferi are depending on us, <Rank>. We must do what we can to save them.

Klingon Empire & allies[ | ]

You're just in time! The Borg are overruning the planet, and the Deferi couldn't even deal with the Breen.

They won't last two days against the Collective unless we help. Fortunately for them, Chancellor J'mpok still sees a benefit in keeping the Deferi alive.

There are command centers in this base camp to organize our offensive in each area currently being targeted by the Borg. We'll also need to deal with the Probe they've dropped right into the middle of this mess.

Talk to the personnel here. They will have assignments for you that will assist in our defense.

The Borg do not deserve mercy, <Rank>. They are a cancer, and the only way to deal with a cancer is to destroy it utterly.

Missions[ | ]

Area-specific missions of the Defera Invasion reward varying amounts of Fleet Marks Fleet Marks and Omega Marks Omega Marks and have varying cooldowns based on difficulty. While the Bonus Marks Event is active, the amount of marks rewarded by these missions is increased.

Borg Invasion of Defera Missions (Level 50) Rewards per mission
[Easy] Missions (15 minutes cooldown)
“City: Automated Aggression”“City: Modus Operandi”“Power Plant: Cooler Heads”“Power Plant: Power Hogs”
“Temple: Preservation of Knowledge”“Temple: Higher Ground”
13 Fleet Marks + 5 Omega Marks + 240 Dilithium Ore icon
[Medium] Missions (30 minutes cooldown)
“City: Locked In”“City: Peer Pressure”“Power Plant: Closed Off”“Power Plant: Power Play”
“Temple: What's Mine is Mine”“Temple: Conflicted Orders”
35 Fleet Marks + 7 Omega Marks + 336 Dilithium Ore icon
[Hard] Missions (20 hours cooldown)
“City: Knowledge is Key”“Power Plant: Getting to the Bottom of Things”“Temple: Uninvited Guests”“Probe: Counter Offensive”
60 Fleet Marks + 10 Omega Marks + 480 Dilithium Ore icon
[Borg Neural Processor]
[Box - Invasion Requisitions]
[Zone Wide] Missions
“Culling the Collective”“Defeating Drones”“Borg Beatdown”“Blow Back”“Forward Observations”
“Cybernetic Collection”“Systems Stockpile”“Agile Assembler”“Deft Designer”“Prolific Producer”
“Memento Vitae” (Kranek)“Field Functionality Figures” (Jula)“Plumbing Power” (Railuk)
15 Omega Marks
and/or Borg Crafting Materials

Base Camp[ | ]

Defera Holographic Display

Holographic display of the battlezone at the Base Camp.

This is the staging area for pushing back the Borg. You will find transporters to the City, Temple, and the Power Plant here.

NPCs Found Here:

City[ | ]

The urban center of this portion of Defera, the City is home to countless Deferi, many of whom did not have a chance to escape when the Borg invaded. Players will be asked to aid in the rescue of those Deferi trapped by the planet's newest residents before they are assimilated and the Borg add their knowledge of the Preservers to the Collective.

There are five missions:

Defera Battlezone Map

Defera Battlezone

Power Plant[ | ]

The Borg siege machinery – as well as the Borg invasion forces themselves – require a huge amount of power in order to wage their campaign. As a result, one of the first areas attacked, and subsequently taken over by the Borg, was a large hydroelectric power station. Players will be tasked with disrupting the Borg efforts to secure energy in the Power Plant and establishing a beach head for further attempts to take back this part of the world.

There are five missions:

Temple[ | ]

The Borg have come to Defera to assimilate the knowledge of an extremely powerful race called the Preservers. While the Preservers themselves are no longer on Defera, the planet is littered with their legacy in the form of ruins and artifacts, such as the remains of a Temple that is the target of this Borg invasion force. Players will lead the efforts to defend the Temple from a constant stream of Borg while trying to secure the knowledge of the Preservers for their own use against the invaders.

Isolinear Chips minigame

Isolinear Chips minigame puzzle

Minigame Solution:

Get row 2 (consisting of the narrow part of the chips) in order: blue, green, white.

Then do following:

  • Rotate Column 1 Down
  • Rotate Row 1 Right
  • Rotate Column 1 Down
  • Rotate Row 1 Right
  • Rotate Row 1 Right
  • Rotate Column 1 Down
  • Rotate Row 1 Right

There are five missions:

Probe[ | ]

Towering over the Defera Invasion zone is the Borg Probe, a large device meant to quickly and efficiently disseminate the Borg nanovirus to assimilate the entire planet. Thanks to the quick response by Starfleet and the KDF, the nanovirus was contained and the Probe now serves as a base of operations for those Borg tasked with leading the invasion. Daring players can attempt to take on these Borg leaders. Combat throughout the Defera Invasion zone takes place at Rear Admiral/Brigadier General level. Characters who have not yet reached this rank will be bolstered to fight at the appropriate level (much like how the Borg Red Alerts work currently). In case the looming threat of the Borg gaining the knowledge of the Preservers wasn't enough to motivate you into helping the Deferi people, special items have been created for this area as world drops, mission rewards, and craftable items – all designed to aid in your fight against the Borg.

There is one mission:

The Defera Invasion zone can be accessed from either the Defera Visitors Center or Defera System in the Deferi Sector of the Orellius Sector Block. This area will always be available for players to visit.

Zone Wide[ | ]

Zone Wide missions have objectives which are either dispersed throughout the entire zone or which can be done in several locations. They reward the crafting materials unique to this area:

The missions all reward 10 of these items total, with a minimum of one each; the distribution appears to be random.


Missions given by each factions' Probe mission giver (Kuzmina/Wek):

  • [Zone Wide] “Agile Assembler” - Craft Defera specific consumables. 4 hour cooldown. You can have all three of these missions active at the same time, one for each 3 pack of consumables:
    • [Hypo - Adrenaline Trigger] × 3
    • [Power Cell - Antiproton Carrier Wave] × 3
    • [Shield Charge - Plasma Resistance] × 3
    • These items are crafted in packs of three, requiring a total of 5 crafting items for each pack. Since these mission require 3 of each item, not three 3-packs, they cost 5 crafting materials but reward you with 10. The 10 items received may not exactly cover the ones spent, but when some or all of the missions are done repeatedly, it is effectively a source of free crafting materials.
  • [Zone Wide] “Deft Designer” - craft Defera specific consumables. 4 hour cooldown. You can have both of these mission active at the same time, one for each consumable:
    • [Presequenced Frequency Randomizer] × 4 - requires 18 crafting items total, as it is crafted in a 3-pack. Thus, the mission will leave you with 2 extra to use, trade, or sell, as these items are not bound. They may also be kept to turn in the next time you receive this mission; in this case, you can craft the 3-pack 4 times to receive 12 Presequenced Frequency Randomizers for a cost of 36 items, and turn the mission in 3 times for a total of 30 items, minimizing loss.
    • [Tuned Anti-Borg Device] × 4 - requires 36 crafting items total, as it is not crafted in a 3-pack.
  • [Zone Wide] “Systems Stockpile” - gather 15 of each Defera specific crafting material
  • [Zone Wide] “Cybernetic Collection” - gather 25 of one Defera specific crafting material. You can have three of this mission active at a time, one for each material.
    • These two missions not only count these items received as drops from enemy Borg, they also count these items when received as mission rewards from completing other zone-wide missions here, such as Agile Assembler.

Accolades[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • In March 2012, the Defera Invasion Event was updated with 20 new missions, extended timeslots and further improvements[1].
  • On July 27, 2012, the Borg Invasion of Defera was removed as a time-gated event and made available at any time [2].

References[ | ]

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