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Breen (planet)
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This article refers to the Breen faction. You may instead be looking for the species Breen or the planet Breen

The Breen Confederacy is the government of the Breen. The confederacy is a major power in the Alpha Quadrant. Their territory includes part of the Breen Sector and the Raveh Sector. In Star Trek Online the Confederacy is a major threat to the Deferi, trying to obtain knowledge and technology from an ancient race known as the Preservers.

Culture[ | ]

Shrouded in mystery, the Breen are a warrior race, but have quite a distinct codex than e.g. the Klingons in that they prefer to take prisoners for slave labor. Morality, as most sentient species know it, is mostly replaced by values like duty and survival. Therefore, they commit actions deemed atrocities by most races, but, in a Breen mind, the goal always justifies the means. Thus, on the other hand, killing without purpose is not compatible with the Breen sense of personal honor.

History[ | ]

  • The Breen have been a long-standing enemy of the Klingon Empire.
  • The Breen Confederacy entered the Dominion War in the 2375 supporting the Dominion.
  • During the war the Breen succeeded in a surprise attack on Starfleet Command in San Francisco, Earth.
  • The same year a joint Dominion/Breen fleet took back Chin'toka, destroying an allied fleet, among others the U.S.S. Defiant under Captain Sisko.
  • In 2388 the Orion Syndicate starts negotiations with the confederacy. The Orions had depleted their home world's resources and were in need of assistance. In 2394, the Orions struck a deal with the Klingon Empire and became their allies.

Missions involved[ | ]

Missions formerly involved[ | ]

  • KDF “Destiny”: Led by Thot Mer, a Breen task force attacks the flagship of Klingon Emperor Kahless. Your mission is to destroy the force and fight the Breen boarding and sabotaging the I.K.S. Batlh. The Breen recently got replaced by the Fek'Ihri in this mission.

Missions mentionned[ | ]

  • ALL “Quark's Lucky Seven”: Starfleet Intelligence logs indicate that as of 2410, the Breen still continue their hostilities against the Deferi and have not reestablished relations with the Dominion.

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