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See player traits for traits available to your own character.

Behaving much like player traits, Bridge Officer traits (or BOff traits) grant space or ground bonuses (in rare cases ground abilities) to your bridge officers. Almost all BOff traits have a player trait-counterpart, with both versions usually providing the identical type bonus. Each BOff has four traits, which, unlike player traits, cannot be altered. Space traits are only active if the BOff is assigned to a station, likewise ground traits are only active while the BOff is on the away team.

A specific property of BOff traits are their three potencies:

  • "Basic": 50% bonus
  • "Standard": 100% bonus
  • "Superior": 150% bonus

Potencies are determined by the BOff's quality/rarity:

Rarity Traits
Common 2x Basic
2x Standard
Uncommon 1x Basic
3x Standard
Rare 1x Basic
2x Standard
1x Superior
Very Rare 2x Standard
2x Superior

Depending on the BOff's species, between one and four (i.e., all) traits are "required". These traits automatically come in Standard potency and are always found with an officer of a specific species.

List of Traits[]


Icon Trait Required for Optional for Description
Efficient icon.png Efficient Faction Khitomer.pngLiberated Borg
Faction Khitomer.pngHierarchy
Faction Khitomer.pngLukari
Faction Khitomer.pngKentari
Faction Khitomer.pngAlien
Faction Khitomer.pngCardassian
Faction FED25.pngSaurian
Faction FED25.pngVulcan
Faction KDF.pngLethean
Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management.
Elusive icon.png Elusive Faction Khitomer.png Elachi +10 Defense Rating
Leadership icon.png Leadership Faction FED25.pngHuman
Faction Khitomer.pngLukari
Faction Khitomer.pngKentari
None Inspires your ship crew, leading to 20% faster subsystem and hull repair.
Photographic Memory icon.png Photographic Memory Faction Khitomer.pngCardassian None +1.5% Weapon Damage

+1.5 Accuracy Rating

+1.5 Defense Rating

K-13 Survivor Tactics icon.png
K-13 Survivor Engineering icon.png
K-13 Survivor Science icon.png
K-13 Survivor Tactics
K-13 Survivor Engineering
K-13 Survivor Science
Faction Khitomer.png23rd Century Bridge Officers None K-13 Survivor Tactics:

Passive (Tactical Officers Only)

  • +10 Starship Defensive Maneuvering
  • +10 Starship Weapon Accuracy

K-13 Survivor Engineering:

Passive (Engineering Officers Only)

  • +10 Starship Impulse Expertise
  • +10 Starship Electro-Plasma System Flow

K-13 Survivor Science:

Passive (Science Officers Only)

  • +10 Starship Control Expertise
  • +10 Starship Drain Expertise
Kentari Ferocity icon.png Kentari Ferocity Faction Khitomer.pngKentari None When target is destroyed:
  • To Self: +2% Bonus All Damage for 15 sec (Max 5 stacks)
Space Warfare Specialist icon.png Space Warfare Specialist[1] None Faction Khitomer.pngPhotonic
Faction FED25.pngHuman
Faction KDF.pngKlingon
Faction Romulan Republic.pngRomulan
Provides a bonus to Starship Maneuvers, Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Energy Weapons, and Starship Projectile Weapons, which improves maneuverability, chance to hit, and damage output.
Pirate icon.png Pirate Faction KDF.pngNausicaan
Faction Khitomer.pngHierarchy
None Improves all damage dealt and increases your perception of stealthed enemies.
Subterfuge icon (Romulan).png Subterfuge None Faction Romulan Republic.pngRomulan
Faction Romulan Republic.pngReman
Increases cloaking effect, Increases damage after leaving cloak.
Impatient icon.png Impatient Faction Khitomer.pngXindi-Reptilian None Increases power recharge speed by 5%
Impatient icon.png Temporal Applied Science
Temporal Engineering
Temporal Tactics
Faction Khitomer.pngKrenim None Improve the recharge timer on any bridge officer ability within their profession. +10% Power recharge speed for bridge officer abilities. (stacks up to 3 times from different active officers)
Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator None Faction Romulan Republic.pngReman Increases the effectiveness of cloaking abilities and provides a minor Defense boost. Increases the duration of the damage buff the ship gains after decloaking.
Restorative Protomatter Specialist icon.png Restorative Protomatter Specialist Faction Khitomer.pngLukari None +10% increased outgoing Hull Healing

+10% increased outgoing Shield Healing

Romulan Operative icon.png Romulan Operative None Faction Romulan Republic.pngRomulan Increases critical hit chance and critical hit severity. Decreases the cooldown of cloaking abilities.
Salvage Specialist icon.png Salvage Specialist Faction Khitomer.pngTalaxian None When attacking targets that are below 25% Hull, 5% chance: Receive random R&D material.
K-13 Survivor Engineering icon.png Streamlined Retrofit Engineering Faction Khitomer.png23rd Century Androids None +15 Starship Impulse Expertise

+15 Starship Electro-Plasma System Flow

Engineered Soldier (Space) icon.png Engineered Soldier (Space) Faction Khitomer.pngJem'Hadar Vanguard None Improves a range of offensive capabilities, including critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and the damage of your ship's weapons.

+5% All Weapon Damage

+1% Critical Chance

+2.5% Critical Severity


Icon Trait Type Required for
Acute Senses icon.png Acute Senses Attack buff Andorian, Ferengi
Aggressive icon.png Aggressive Attack buff Caitian
Android icon.png Android Attack/Defense buff Android
Bio-Organic Sedative icon.png Bio-Organic Sedative Clickable ability Voth
Bite icon.png Bite Clickable ability None[2]
Blindsense icon.png Blindsense Attack buff Aenar
Borg Nanites icon.png Borg Nanites Defense buff Liberated Borg
Cold Dwelling icon.png Cold Dwelling Defense buff Aenar, Andorian, Breen
Cold Blooded icon.png Cold Blooded Defense buff Gorn
Corrosive Blood icon.png Corrosive Blood Defense buff Bolian
Covert icon.png Covert Attack/Defense buff None
Creative icon.png Creative Attack buff Bajoran, Elachi, Photonic
Cryonic Visor Beam icon.png Cryonic Visor Beam Clickable ability Breen
Dumb Luck icon.png Dumb Luck Attack buff Pakled
Empathic icon.png Empathic Team aura Betazoid
Engineered Soldier icon.png Engineered Soldier Attack buff Jem'Hadar
Feline Instincts icon.png Feline Instincts Attack/Defense buff Caitian
Impatient icon.png Flux Attack/Defense buff Krenim
Jem'Hadar Vitality icon.png Jem'Hadar Vitality Defense buff Jem'Hadar Vanguard
Fury icon.png Fury Attack buff None[3]
Berserker icon.png Honor The Fallen Attack/Defense buff Kobali
Honorable icon.png Honorable Defense buff Klingon
Hyper Metabolism icon.png Hyper Metabolism Defense buff Trill
Limited Telepathy icon.png Limited Telepathy Attack buff None
Logical icon.png Logical Defense buff Vulcan
Lucky icon.png Lucky Attack buff None
Mental Burst icon.png Mental Burst Clickable ability Reman
Mental Discipline icon.png Mental Discipline Defense buff Breen, Reman
Mind Meld icon.png Mind Meld Clickable ability None[4]
Natural Immunities icon.png Natural Immunities Defense buff Elachi, Ferengi, Saurian
Nerve Pinch icon.png Nerve Pinch Clickable ability None[4]
Neural Blast icon.png Neural Blast Clickable ability Liberated Borg
Pacification icon.png Pacification Clickable ability None[5]
Pacifist icon.png Pacifist Defense buff Aenar
Peak Health icon.png Peak Health Defense buff Elachi, Jem'Hadar
Photonic Lifeform icon.png Photonic Lifeform Defense buff Photonic
Physical Strength icon.png Physical Strength Attack buff Nausicaan, Orion (male), Vulcan, Romulan
Pig-Headed icon.png Pig-Headed Defense buff Tellarite
Plasma Weapon Specialist icon.png Plasma Weapon Specialist Attack buff None[6]
Pounce icon.png Pounce Clickable ability Caitian
Project Image icon.png Project Image Clickable ability Aenar
Reboot icon.png Reboot Defense buff Android
Reptilian Strength icon.png Reptilian Strength Attack buff Gorn, Saurian
Resilient icon.png Resilient Defense buff Gorn
Seduce icon.png Seduce Clickable ability None[7]
Seductive icon.png Seductive Defense buff Orion (female)
Shroud icon.png Shroud Clickable ability Jem'Hadar, Jem'Hadar Vanguard
Soldier icon.png Soldier Attack buff Breen
Spirit Walk icon.png Spirit Walk Clickable ability Rigelian
Spiritual icon.png Spiritual Defense buff Bajoran
Stasis Specialist icon.png Stasis Specialist Attack buff None[8]
Stubborn icon.png Stubborn Defense buff Photonic, Reman, Jem'Hadar
Sturdy icon.png Sturdy Defense buff Tellarite
Sure Footed icon.png Sure Footed Defense buff Caitian
Suspended Animation icon.png Suspended Animation Defense buff Voth
Target Designator icon.png Target Designator Attack buff None[9]
Teamwork icon.png Teamwork Team aura Human
Telekinetic icon.png Telekinetic Attack buff None
Telepathic icon.png Telepathic Attack buff Betazoid
Veteran icon.png Veteran Team aura None[1]
Vicious icon.png Vicious Attack buff Xindi-Reptilian
Warrior icon.png Warrior Attack buff Klingon

Required traits by species[]

Required (pre-chosen) traits Pool size of
optional traits
Human Leadership Teamwork 11
Vulcan Logical Physical Strength 14
Andorian Cold Dwelling Acute Senses 14
Tellarite Pig-Headed Sturdy 11
Bajoran Creative Spiritual 11
Bolian Corrosive Blood 12
Benzite Natural Armor Natural Immunities 13
Betazoid Empathic Telepathic 12
Saurian Reptilian Strength Natural Immunities 13
Caitian Feline Instincts Superior Aggressive Superior Sure Footed Pounce 0
Ferengi Acute Senses Natural Immunities 11
Pakled Dumb Luck 12
Rigelian Spirit Walk 14
Trill Hyper Metabolism 12
Klingon Honorable Warrior 10
Aenar Blindsense Project Image Superior Cold Dwelling Superior Pacifist 0
Xindi-Reptilian Superior Peak Health Superior Resilient Impatient Vicious 0
Human Veteran Leadership Space Warfare Specialist Teamwork Veteran 0
Klingon Empire
Required (pre-chosen) traits Pool size of
optional traits
Klingon Honorable Warrior 10
Gorn Cold-Blooded Reptilian Strength Resilient 11
Lethean Rapture Telepathic 16
Nausicaan Physical Strength Pirate 10
Orion Male symbol.png Physical Strength Female symbol.png Seductive 15
Ferasan Predatory Instincts 14
Klingon Veteran Honorable Space Warfare Specialist Warrior Veteran 0
Romulan Republic
Required (pre-chosen) traits Pool size of
optional traits
Romulan Subterfuge Physical Strength 15
Reman Subterfuge Physical Strength 17
Required (pre-chosen) traits Pool size of
optional traits
Liberated Borg Borg Nanites Neural Blast 4
Breen Cold Dwelling Cryonic Visor Beam Mental Discipline Soldier 0
Reman (special reward) Mental Burst Mental Discipline Stubborn Telepathic 0
Jem'Hadar Shroud Engineered Soldier Superior Stubborn Superior Peak Health 0
Alien none 23
Android Acute Senses Android Superior Creative Superior Reboot 0
Voth Superior Creative Superior Covert Suspended Animation Bio-Organic Sedative 0
Krenim Flux Temporal Tactics Superior Creativity Superior Stubborn 0
Elachi Elusive Superior Peak Health Creative Superior Natural Immunities 0
Cardassian Photographic Memory


  1. 1.0 1.1 This trait was available only to the handful rewarded veteran bridge officers during the currency conversion.
  2. While not required this trait only is available for Gorn
  3. While not required this trait only is available for Andorian
  4. 4.0 4.1 While not required this trait only is available for Vulcan
  5. While not required this trait only is available for Betazoid
  6. While not required this trait only is available for Romulan
  7. While not required this trait only is available for Orion
  8. While not required this trait only is available for Romulan
  9. Required for Cyborg Human