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Captain and bridge officer

A Federation player character and four of her bridge officers as they are shown on the character selection screen.

A Bridge Officer (or "BOff") in Star Trek Online is a commissioned member of the player's bridge crew. A Captain may maintain up to 54 Bridge Officers, which are listed on the left of the Character Status window (default key U).

While merely serving as pools for abilities in space combat, up to four BOffs can fully join a player's away team in ground combat, offering both abilities as well as firepower.

Gender, career path, species[ | ]

Like with player characters, the gender of a Bridge officer is purely cosmetic and has no gameplay effect (except for Orions). The career path of a BOff (Tactical, Engineering, Science; plus an optional specialization) determines which pool of abilities they have access to and which ship station they can occupy. The species of a BOff can have an impact on the Bridge Officer traits.

Traits[ | ]

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Tellarite BOff trait window

Trait menu of a Common Tellarite BOff

Bridge Officers have four traits which cannot be changed. Like player character traits, most of these grant benefits for the individual officer in ground combat, while few also buff the entire away team or give a bonus in space combat. Most BOff species have between one and up to four required traits, i.e., traits a specific species will always have.

A specific property of BOff traits are their three potencies:

  • "Basic": 50% bonus
  • "Standard": 100% bonus
  • "Superior": 150% bonus

Potencies are determined by the BOff's quality/rarity:

Rarity Traits
Common 2x Basic
2x Standard
Uncommon 1x Basic
3x Standard
Rare 1x Basic
2x Standard
1x Superior
Very Rare 2x Standard
2x Superior

Promotions and abilities[ | ]

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Like the player character, Bridge Officers have ranks. A Bridge Officer's rank determines his/her number of abilities (sometimes referred to as "Bridge Officer skills") in ground and space combat. A player can promote a BOff up to one rank below his/her own (up to (Sub-)Commander). A promotion also costs a small amount of expertise Expertise icon:

Note that some very rare special bridge officers will always display a Starfleet/KDF rank, even for Romulan Republic players, who might thus have a BOff with the rank "Commander" (= Subcommander).

Bridge Officers are promoted by clicking the Career Options button at the bottom of an officer's status page and selecting the "Promote" option; a dialogue box will be opened with details of the promotion. Players can only promote an officer to a rank below themselves; therefore a player at the rank of Commander can only promote bridge officers to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Training[ | ]

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Training overview

The Bridge Officer skills and abilities menu

Bridge Officers can be trained in new skills, i.e., their pool of available clickable abilities can be increased. Training an officer requires a Training Manual (consumed in the process) for the desired ability and costs expertise Expertise icon (amount increases with the number of abilities the BOff already possesses). While only having access to four abilities in space/ground combat at once, a Bridge Officer can be trained in (i.e., add to his selection pool) all abilities existing for his/her career path, if the player acquires all the required Training Manuals.

Specializations[ | ]

Bridge Officers can be trained in a specialization by using a special type of Training Manual called a "Specialization Qualification". The ability to craft these manuals is unlocked once a player character has spent 10 points in a given specialization.

One specialization may be active per Bridge Officer at once. An active specialization gives access to four specific ground, and four specific space abilities, which may then be slotted for that particular BOff. Using specialization-specific space abilities requires a playable starship with the respective station slot.

Use[ | ]

Status Window Stations

The "Stations" tab of the Status Window

Space[ | ]

For space combat, bridge officers can be assigned to specific stations (i.e., seats) on the player's ship. In most cases, each bridge station requires a specific career and rank. Only Bridge Officers of the correct career can be assigned to a career-specific bridge station; "universal stations" can be occupied by any of the three career paths, but not in combination with a specialization. Bridge officers will only be able to use the number of abilities corresponding to the rank of the station, even if they hold a higher rank.

Ground[ | ]

Main article: Away team

Bridge officers form your captain's away team when you enter a ground map. You can select their default composition on the Stations tab, but each time you beam from a space map to a ground map you will be able to select which officers you need for the mission.

Customization[ | ]

Players can customize a Bridge Officer's appearance by visiting a Tailor. Bridge Officers can be renamed at any time through your character window. Some Special Bridge Officers cannot be customized or renamed.

Acquisition[ | ]

Elisa Flores

[Elisa Flores], the first bridge officer for non-TOS/DSC Federation players

Bridge officers are commissioned from Bridge Officer Candidates. These are obtained from a variety of sources, such as vendors, missions and the Exchange (see below).

Bridge Officer Candidates are commissioned by right-clicking on the candidate and selecting "Commission." When a Bridge Officer Candidate becomes part of your crew, they are Commissioned Officers. Alternatively, an obtained candidate can be "converted" into a Training Manual of an ability they possessed, which can then be used to teach another BOff this ability.

Slots[ | ]

Your captain must have an empty Bridge Officer Slot to commission an officer. Additional slots are earned as the captain increases in rank, and they can also be purchased in the Zen Store, sold in pairs for 250 Zen small icon, up to a maximum of 54 slots.

All characters start with 4 bridge officer slots.

Gold accounts unlock 2 additional slots at the following levels, for a total of 10 slots at level 50:

  • Level 10 (Lieutenant Commander)
  • Level 20 (Commander)
  • Level 40 (Rear Admiral, Lower Half)

Silver accounts unlock 1 additional slot at the following levels, for a total of 8 slots at level 60:

  • Level 20 (Commander)
  • Level 40 (Rear Admiral, Lower Half)
  • Level 50 (Vice Admiral)
  • Level 60 (Fleet Admiral)

Rank up[ | ]

Generic bridge officers are obtained periodically as the player levels up (every 10 levels after level 15).

Vendors[ | ]

Bridge Officer Candidates are primarily available from a requisition officer, such as Elsa Mora at Earth Spacedock, V'Qlar in First City, or Teelis on the Romulan Flotilla. New candidates may be purchased using Dilithium, and once acquired, are available to be commissioned. A player may maintain no more than fifteen (15) uncommissioned candidates.

Trading[ | ]

Bridge Officer Candidates can be sold on the exchange for Energy credits. They can also be sent through the mail to other characters (on a players account) or other players. This can only be done at a mail console that allows adding items to a message.

    • Go to a mail terminal
    • Compose a new message
    • Open the Character Status window
      • Switch to the Stations tab and open the Candidates window
    • Drag the candidate to an open item slot in the mail window

Assignments[ | ]

DS9LB Bridge Officers

An assortment of special bridge officers that can be obtained

See also: Assignments rewarding bridge officers

There are also Recruitment duty officer assignments which reward Bridge Officers of various Species, (excluding Zen Store or special officers) such as Ferengi, Alien, Trill, Saurian, Bolian, Klingon, Gorn, Andorian, Human, Orion, Lethean... etc.
Note: Some assignments are faction specific and may require higher Commendation ranks.

Other means[ | ]

Main article: Special bridge officer

Faction-specific bridge officer candidates are also rewarded for some tutorial and early storyline missions. Additionally, some unique, very rare cross-faction candidates are also rewarded from specific higher-level missions in the game. In addition, further ones can be gained from the Zen Store, promotions and other special means.

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