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Tzenkethi Broln'ta Cruiser
Tzenkethi Broln'ta Cruiser NPC.png
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"Hit their cruisers first - they're the backbone of Tzenkethi fleet."

The notorious Broln'ta-class Cruiser represents the bulkhead of the Tzenkethi fleet and is considered a major nuisance by their foes.

Players are advised not to use Gravity Wells or Tyken's Rifts in their vicinity - when close to other Coalition vessels, this infamous cruisers are capable of extending processing beams between them, restoring their hull and making them nearly impossible to destroy. Tractor Beam Repulsors may be more useful in such situations, as they help disperse the Tzenkethi fleet which prevents cruisers from linking with vessels of other classes.

If Gravity Well has been used, players will need to defeat Broln'ta Cruisers before being able to deal with other ships.




Level Normal Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
60 88 926 169 554 -

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