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Military Rank:

Chakotay is a Starfleet Admiral and head of Starfleet Intelligence. He is best known for his tenure as First Officer aboard the USS Voyager during it’s unscheduled seven year expedition in the Delta Quadrant during the 24th Century.


Early years[]

Chakotay served as Voyager's first officer during her journey through the Delta Quadrant

Chakotay was born in 2329 on a Federation colony world near the Cardassian-Federation border. Around 2344, Chakotay joined Starfleet Academy and succesfully graduated from it a few years later. His career saw him on a variety of assignments, including archaeological excavations and diplomatic first contact missions. He also became an instructor at Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training program.

In 2368 Chakotay's homeworld was annexed by the Cardassian Union and his father was killed defending the planet. Subsequently, Chakotay resigned his Starfleet commission and joined the Maquis resistance cell. He became one of the Maquis' leaders, and his particular cell a target of both Federation and Cardassian infiltration.

U.S.S. Voyager[]

In 2371 Chakotay'y Maquis ship was transported by the Caretaker from the Badlands to the Delta Quadrant. A few days later his ship was joined by U.S.S. Voyager. When his Maquis ship was destroyed in a battle with the Kazon, Chakotay's crew agreed to join the crew of Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay becoming the Captain's first officer. Chakotay spent seven years in the Delta Quadrant aboard Voyager, until the ship's return to Earth in 2378.

Later years[]

With the Maquis gone and the conflict with the Cardassians over, Chakotay officially rejoined Starfleet and eventually rose to the rank of Admiral by 2401. He was one of a few Starfleet officers requesting the Federation Council to reconsider the decision not to get involved in the Klingon-Gorn War. He predicted a long conflict in the future and that the Klingons were right about the Undine threat.

Chakotay participated in the 2404 opening of the Alpha Centauri transwarp hub. In 2406, Chakotay was promoted to head of Starfleet Intelligence, promising more accountability and transparency. One of his earliest briefings involved him admitting the belief that at least 30 Undine infiltrators were in high-level positions in Starfleet.

Personal relationships and crew[]

Chakotay's Maquis crew included B'Elanna Torres and Tuvok, who worked undercover for Starfleet. Chakotay also knew Tom Paris prior to their time on Voyager, as the latter had also joined the Maquis for a short while. Chakotay was romantically involved with an undercover Cardassian agent, Seska, who once claimed that her Cardassian-Kazon son, Sessen, was fathered by Chakotay. During the end of Voyager's journey through the Detla Quadrant, Chakotay was also romantically involved with Seven of Nine, though the relationship seemingly ended after their return to Earth.


  • Together with Kathryn Janeway and Kes, Chakotay is the only Star Trek: Voyager main character not to appear in-game.
  • Chakotay's backstory between 2380 and 2409 is told in The Path to 2409.
  • Whether or not Chakotay and Seven of Nine resumed their relationship following their return to Earth is left open: When Jake Sisko conducted an interview with Seven in 2385, she saw no relevance in the question whether she and Chakotay still had contact. Seven acknowledged, however, that Chakotay was one of the people who inspired her to join Starfleet.

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