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Hur'q Chidyat Swarmer
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This page is for the Hur'q starship. For other uses, see Swarmer (disambiguation).

The Chidyat Swarmer (also called a Hur'q Swarmer) is a small, fast moving ship used by the Hur'q. They pursue ships in groups at high speeds to attack from behind.

The Chidyat Collector is a variant of the Swarmers that appears in queues where the player must destroy asteroids and use the fragments to defeat a Hur'q mothership. They fly up to the asteroid fragments and tractor them, which destroys the fragments, prioritizing this over anything else.


  • Short Range Salvage Laser (Phaser damage)

Missions encountered[]



  • Despite being Frigate-sized, these enemies are usually launched from a larger ships, and rarely spawn independently. As a result, in the combat log, damage by them will be listed as coming from the launching ship, eg. "Hur'q Swarm deals 642 (1333) Phaser Damage(Critical) to you with Short Range Salvage Laser."

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