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The Civilian duty officer department consists of personnel who serve aboard starships, but are not officers or enlisted personnel of Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force, Romulan Republic or Dominion.


Specialization Descriptions for each variant
  • [GR] Remove debuffs with Overwatch
  • [GR] Reduce recharge time for psionic traits
  • [SP] Chance to reduce recharge on hull heals when using any shield heal
Bartender No duty officer powers
Chef No duty officer powers
Colonist No duty officer powers
  • [SP] Team abilities grant a chance to drain attacker's Weapon Power
  • [SP] Chance of Heal from Reverse Shield Polarity, Feedback Pulse
  • [SP] Chance to inhibit target's Perception on use of beams and cannons
  • [GR] Grants a temporary bonus to Dodge for anyone who spends a short time dancing under your Subspace Party Amplifier
Miner No duty officer powers
Prisoner No duty officer powers
Refugee No duty officer powers
  • [GR] Grant Gold-Pressed Latinum on Defeating Nearby Enemies

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Duty officer specializations
Tactical Conn Officer (Evasive Maneuvers: F/K/R, Tactical Team: F/K/R) • Energy Weapons Officer (F/K/R) • Ground Warfare Specialist (F/K) • Projectile Weapons Officer (F/K/R) • Shield Distribution Officer (F/K/R) • Space Warfare Specialist (F/K) • Warfare Master
Security Armory Officer (F/K/R) • Assault Squad Officer (F/K/R) • Security Officer (F/K/R)
Engineering Consultant (F/K) • Damage Control Engineer (F/K/R) • Diagnostic Engineer (F/K/R) • Fabrication Engineer (F/K/R) • Maintenance Engineer (F/K/R) • Matter-Antimatter Specialist (F/K) • Systems Engineer (F/K/R) • Technician (F/K/R) • Warp Core Engineer (F/K)
Operations Deflector Officer (F/K/R) • Explosives Expert (F/K/R) • Flight Deck Officer (F/K) • Hazard System Officer (F/K/R) • Quartermaster (F/K/R) • Sensors Officer (F/K/R) • Tractor Beam Officer (F/K/R) • Transporter Officer (F/K/R)
Science Astrometrics Scientist (F/K/R) • Biologist (F/K/R) • Botanist (F/K/R) • Development Lab Scientist (F/K/R) • Geologist (F/K/R) • Gravimetric Scientist (F/K/R) • Photonic Studies Scientist (F/K/R) • Research Lab Scientist (F/K/R) • Warp Theorist (F/K/R)
Medical Biochemist (F/K/R) • Counselor (F/K) • Doctor (F/K/R) • Medic (K) • Nurse (F/R)
Civilian Advisor (F/K/R) • Bartender (F/K/R) • Chef (F/K/R) • Colonist (F/K) • Diplomat (F/K/R) • Entertainer (F/K/R) • MinerPrisoner (F/K) • Refugee (F/K/R) • Trader (F/K/R)
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