Console - Universal - Crystal Prism
Epic Universal Console
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+21.4 Starship Control Expertise
(Improves Control Effects/Resistance to Same)
+17.1% Maximum Shield Capacity
Pahvan Prism
Create Linked Crystal Prisms
Consume 1 Charge to create a Crystal Prism:
* Each Crystal Prism lasts 40 sec
* Links with your Prisms within 5k
* Refreshes Duration of Linked Prisms
* Once per second, deals ___ Psionic Damage (+25% per Linked Prism)
Stores up to 4 Charges, Regains 1 Charge per 15 sec
2 sec recharge
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

The Console - Universal - Crystal Prism is the ship variant of the Universal Kit Module - Crystal Prism. It allows the player to deploy multiple turrets which automatically attack nearby enemies with psionic blasts. Damage-per-shot scales up with the number of turrets currently deployed and connected to each other. Turrets will automatically self-destruct 40 seconds after deployment, but deploying a new turret nearby will reset this timer.

In-game Description

Ships equipped with Pahvan crystal prisms are able to generate a linked-network that delivers Psionic Damage in a region while the crystals persist. As more crystals are created in the network, additional Psionic Damage is generated because of harmonic modulation amplification. As long as a new crystal is added to the network periodically, the entire network will be maintained. However, the crystals can be targeted and destroyed by enemies. If the network fails due to a lack of upkeep, all of the crystals self-destruct. This console also provides a passive bonus to Starship Control Expertise and Maximum Shield Capacity.


This console was rewarded to players that completed the Defense of Pahvo Featured Event during Event Campaign III which ran from July 27th, 2021 to August 17th, 2021. Completing the event also unlocked the ability for any character on the same account to freely reclaim the console from the Reclaim Rewards tab in the Event UI. This console may also be purchasable from Mudd's Market, however availability is not guaranteed.


This console does not have levels and is epic quality by default, thus cannot be upgraded.

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