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Console - Universal - Tholian Webspinner Array/Info

Special Ability: No icon.png Chain Web Projection

The Console - Universal - Tholian Webspinner Array can be obtained by players of all factions by completing Event Campaign III. This console can be equipped on any ship and can be put into any console slot. Player may only equip one of these consoles.

Game Description[]

Activating this console deals shield penetrating physical damage to up to 5 foes, affecting the primary target and chaining up to 5km to deal 25% increased total damage to another foe, repeating this process until 5 foes are afflicted. Affected enemies will be Held and suffer heavy Physical Damage Over Time. This ability's damage is improved by Auxiliary Power and Particle Generator Skill.

This Console provides significant bonuses to Tetryon and Physical damage, dramatically improves Bonus Damage against Held Foes, and improves Control Expertise.

Tholian field projection technology is among the best in the quadrant, able to construct quasi-independent stable energy fields leashed to complex field projectors via cascading field interactions. Astonishingly, computer models suggest the fields continue to constructively interfere with each other ad infinitum. The web effect doesn't extend further into the fractal pattern, as the field's strength is insufficient to contain the energy past the first few iterations, but in theory each Tholian web is infinitely complex.