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This page is for the Cooperative vessel class. For the Collective vessel class, see Tactical Cube.
Cooperative Tactical Cube
Cooperative Tactical Cube.png
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The Tactical Cube is, alongside the Type 03 Cooperative Flagship, one of the most powerful vessels utilized by the Liberated Borg. Just like their Collective counterparts, Cooperative Tactical Cubes are larger and more heavily armored than standard Cubes.


Borg Cooperative weapons have a firing arc of 360 degrees.



Level Normal Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
60 451 696 993 732 3 543 558

Missions encountered[]

  • ALL “Alliances”: Cooperative Tactical Cube is accidentally infected by the Octanti virus which was created for usage in their fights against the Collective. Seven of Nine and the player try to convince the Octanti to help deactivate the virus, but they refuse. If the player hails the Cube, Octanti ambassador will recognize the vessel's commander as his long lost brother and will decide to help.

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