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Cross-Faction Bundle - NX Escort Refit Equipment icon.png
Veryrare icon.png
Cross-Faction Bundle: NX Escort Refit Equipment
Very Rare Inventory
Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Cross-Faction Bundle - NX Escort Refit Equipment was acquired from the Lobi Store for a price of 450 Lobi Crystal icon.png prior to its removal.

* * This rewardpack DOES NOT contain a starship - only a Starship Trait and Universal Console that comes standard with the NX Escort Refit. It may only be opened by Klingon and Klingon-aligned Romulan Republic players. It cannot be opened by Federation-aligned Romulan players.

When unpacked, it grants the player a Console - Universal - Point Defense Bombardment Warhead and Trait: Preferential Targeting. Please note that this is only given to the character opening the reward box, not every character on the account.


  • This Cross-Faction Bundle was removed from the Lobi Store with the release of Season Twenty-two: House Reborn and the debut of Cross-Faction Flying unlock. Characters of all factions can now purchase and use the NX Escort Refit irregardless of faction, provided they have this unlock.
    • However, Cross-Faction bundles may still be found on the exchange if purchased from the Lobi Store before they were removed.
    • In addition to this, any players who choose the "NX Escort Refit" option from the Mudd's Faith of the Heart Choice Pack can claim an account-bound version of this pack on their Klingon-aligned characters, from the "Ships" section of Mudd's Market.