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You may be looking for the playable Federation Cruiser-shiptype.
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Cruisers are relatively large vessels that typically serve in the attack and support roles, engaging at a distance with broadsides of beam and torpedo weapons. They typically have a stronger hull and larger crew than frigates, escorts, and science vessels, and a good balanced weapon system with neither aft or fore being more favored. They do, however, have very poor turning rates.

Escorts and Science Vessels are often classified as Cruisers.

Faction Types of cruisers
Faction FED25.png United Federation of Planets Federation Cruiser
Galaxy-class cruiser
Constitution-class cruiser
Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire Klingon Battle Cruiser
Faction Gorn.png Gorn Hegemony Tuatara Cruiser
Faction Orion.png Orion Syndicate Brigand Cruiser
Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser
Faction Breen.png Breen Confederacy Chel Grett Cruiser
Faction Terran Empire.png Terran Empire Terran Cruiser
Faction Cardassian.png Cardassian Union Galor-class
Faction True Way.png True Way Alliance Galor-class
Faction Ferengi.png Ferengi Alliance D'Kora-class
Faction Undine.png Undine Dromias Bio-Cruiser
Faction Voth.png Voth Voth Bastion Cruiser
Faction Deferi.png Deferi Deferi Cruiser
Faction Vaadwaur.png Vaadwaur Supremacy Vaadwaur Assault Cruiser
Vaadwaur Interdictor Cruiser
Faction Iconian.png Iconian Quas Cruiser
Faction Generic.png Acamarian Acamarian Cruiser
Faction Generic.png Alien Alien Cruiser