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Cruiser commands are team aura buffs that can be activated by all the cruiser-type starships. For details on the individual abilities, see their respective pages:


Different types of Cruisers have different sets of cruiser commands:

Ship type Weapon System Efficiency icon (Federation).png Shield Frequency Modulation icon (Federation).png Strategic Maneuvering icon (Federation).png Attract Fire icon (Federation).png Wiki transclusion
eg. Andromeda-class Exploration Cruiser
Yes Yes Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Cruiser}}
eg. Negh'Tev-class Heavy Battlecruiser
Yes Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Battlecruiser}}
Temporal Cruisers
eg. Sagittarius-class Temporal Cruiser
Yes Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Temporal Cruiser}}
Temporal Battlecruisers
eg. Paladin-class Temporal Battlecruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Temporal Battlecruiser}}
some Light Battlecruisers
eg. Jem'Hadar Light Battlecruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Light Battlecruiser}}
Dreadnought Cruisers/Battlecruisers
eg. Yamato-class Dreadnought Cruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Dreadnought Cruiser}}
Heavy Dreadnought Cruisers/Battlecruisers
eg. Universe-class Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser}}
some Intel Cruisers/Battlecruisers
eg. Eclipse-class Intel Cruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Intel Cruiser}}
eg. Freedom-class Exploration Frigate
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Frigate}}
Command Battlecruisers
eg. Klinzhai-class Science Command Battlecruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Command Battlecruiser}}
Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser
eg. Clarke-class Multi-Mission Command Cruiser
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Multi-Mission Cruiser}}
Flight Deck Carriers
eg. Tellarite Pralim-class Flight Deck Assault Carrier
Yes Yes {{cruiser commands|Flight Deck Carrier}}

Note to wiki editors: If a ship has access to cruiser commands, add {{Cruiser commands|type}} to its Template:shiptypeinfo abilities section with the appropriate type as indicated above, then add {{Cruiser commands section}} under the Abilities heading, and it will all be auto-generated. Note that Ability: Cruiser Commands redirects here.


  • You may only have a single cruiser command active at once.
  • Cruiser Commands must be reactivated on map change or respawning after death.
  • Dev Blog introducing Cruiser Commands, and the related release notes.
  • Cruiser Commands are not available for the Light Cruiser or Utility Cruiser tutorial starships, nor are they available for any Warbirds, even if they possess an engineering focus.
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