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Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core Mk XII
Very Rare Warp Core
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Not usable by Warbirds
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+100% increase to base regeneration rate of all Power Levels
Maximum Warp Factor 10
+17.5 Starship Electro-Plasma System
(Improves Power Transfer Rate)
Adds 7.5% of your Weapon power to your Shield power as bonus power
+0.2 Slipstream Speed bonus
Breen Weapons Capacitor
Weapon Power Buff
Repairs offline weapons systems
+40 Weapon Power Setting for 10 sec
-15 Shield Power Setting for 10 sec
-15 Engine Power Setting for 10 sec
-15 Auxiliary Power Setting for 10 sec
Part of set Breen Absolute Zero (0/5)
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core is a type of Warp Core.

Game Description[]

Plasma-Integrated Warp Cores double your base Regeneration rate for all Starship Power Levels. This special Breen Cryoplasma Warp Core is capable of generating tremendous weapon power for a short period of time, at the cost of draining non-weapons systems for the same duration.



Breen Weapons Capacitor

Weapons Batteries provide a short duration increase to your weapon power level. Repairs offline weapons subsystems.


  • Targets Self
  • 2 min recharge
  • Skills that improve this ability:
    • Starship Batteries
      (Improves Battery Duration)


The Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core can be only obtained as Very Rare Mk XII item; it doesn't come with innate modifier suffixes. Compared with regular Warp Engines, however, it is similar to a [Plasma-Integrated Warp Core Mk XII [EPS] [SSS] [W->S] [WCap]], except for the Weapons Capacitor [WCap] being replaced by the Breen Weapons Capacitor.

Gear Upgrade[]

The Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core can be upgraded through the Gear Upgrade System, and requires Tech Upgrade Kits from the Engineering School, or Universal Tech Upgrades.

Mark Technology
Change Value
Mk XIII 85,120 +18.8 EPS 0 Energy credit icon.png
Mk XIV 0 Energy credit icon.png

Quality upgrades add innate modifier suffixes.

Quality Ultra Rare Epic
Added Modifier [EAS] [W->S]
Item Modifiers [EAS] [EAS] [W->S]



This item can only be obtained as character-bound Very Rare Mk XII item from:

The cost for one item are:


This item cannot be crafted.