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Romulan Republic D'deridex Battlecruiser
IRW Khnial 1.png
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This page is for the NPC ship. For the playable starship, see D'deridex class.

The D'deridex Battlecruiser is a large battleship used by the various Romulan and Reman factions. It is well-armed and has many capabilities ranging from tractor beams, subsystem targeting to sensor jamming. They usually travel alone, but are sometimes accompanied by either Mogai or T'varo Warbirds. Like other battleships, the D'deridex is heavily armed and well-shielded but lacks in maneuverability and speed.


Romulan Star Empire/Tal Shiar[]



Romulan Republic/Reman Resistance[]




Hull Strength[]

Level Difficulty
Standard Advanced Elite
17 18,069
18 18,906
22 23,779
28 29,771
31 34,051
32 35,144
33 37,375
36 39,666
39 43,215
50 56,444 76,441 96,495

Missions involved[]


The infamous attack that makes use of a Tractor Beam and three Heavy Plasma Torpedoes.

At higher levels, the D'deridex is formidable even for a battleship. Often they will snare enemy vessels with their tractor beam and immediately follow with a trio of Heavy Plasma Torpedoes that can destroy even the toughest ships in a matter of seconds. This tactic has made the D'deridex Battleship infamous among the Star Trek Online community.

They are not invincible, however. One way to evade the aforementioned attack is to stay out of range of their tractor beam (5 kilometers). If you do get caught in the beam, you can get away by polarizing your hull, employing Jam Sensors or Attack Pattern Omega, or hitting the D'deridex with a Photonic Shockwave. You can also neutralize incoming Heavy Torpedoes with Cannon: Scatter Volley, Beam Array: Fire at Will, Torpedo: Spread, and (if the torpedoes are coming from behind you) Eject Warp Plasma, among others. Should one or more of these torpedoes impact your ship, using Hazard Emitters will promptly extinguish the resulting plasma fires and begin healing at least some of the damage dealt by the attack.

Vessels of the class[]

Faction Image Named Vessels
Faction Romulan Star Empire.png
IRW Khnial 1.png I.R.W. Calaf
I.R.W. Haakona
I.R.W. Intrakhu
I.R.W. Ishae
I.R.W. Khnial
I.R.W. Rea
I.R.W. Sithesh
I.R.W. Solius
I.R.W. Xatos

Faction Romulan Republic.png
STOTemanna.JPG R.R.W. Temanna


  • The appearance of the D'deridex was redone for the launch of Legacy of Romulus on May 21, 2013.
  • Using Romulan Distress Call - D'deridex Battleship will summon a D'deridex Battlecruiser to assist the player in battle.
  • Players can mimic the appearance of the Reman D'deridex on the playable D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser by using the Reman Prototype Space Set or selecting the type 1 Reman hull material in the ship customization editor.
  • Following the "Victory is Life" expansion, an unnamed D'deridex warbird can be seen parked near Deep Space 9.
  • The appearance of the D'deridex was redone again on July 27, 2021, bringing it in line with the D'Deridex model seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


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