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Faction Neutral.pngD'kel Star Cluster
Gorath Sector
Beta Quadrant

D'Kel Star Cluster Sector Map.png

The D'kel Star Cluster is a system located in the Gorath Sector of the Beta Quadrant. The D’Kel Star Cluster is a region of space serving as an Exploration Cluster.

System Description[]

The D’Kel Star Cluster is home to many dwarf stars, with commensurately few habitable worlds but quite a few barren planets rich in useful resources.

Duty Officer Assignments[]

Starfleet Assignments[]

KDF Assignments[]


  • D’Kel Scout Explore the D’Kel Star Cluster 15 Times
  • D’Kel Subduer Explore the D’Kel Star Cluster 35 Times
  • Explore the D’Kel Star Cluster 70 Times