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Temporal Agent
Voiced by:
Matt Winston

Daniels is a "mostly Human" temporal agent from the 31st century. He plays a pivotal role in the Temporal Cold War, often assisting the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) in preventing temporal incursions in the 2150s, and continues to do so with players in Star Trek Online.

Missions involved[]

Agents of Yesterday[]

  • FED23 “I Sing of Arms”: In 2270, Daniels, under the assumed name of "Ensign Hunter," present on the bridge of the Tutorial Starship.
  • FED23 “Dislodging Klingons”: "Ensign Hunter" continues to serve aboard the Tutorial Starship, handling communications duties.
  • FED23 “In the Shadow of Cestus”: "Ensign Hunter" is welcomed aboard by Tarsi during the flight to Edren IV and is a member of the player's away team. When they were trapped by mortar fire, he and Ensign Skavrin create bombs to create a means of escaping a canyon.
  • FED23 “Painful Omens”: "Ensign Hunter" joins the player's away team aboard Deep Space K-13. When the player discovers that the Na'kuhl used neural parasites to attack the station, Daniels reveals his true identity. After defeating the Na'kuhl, Daniels swears the player to secrecy regarding his identity and mission.
  • FED23 “Return to Babel”: Daniels reveals that the Na'kuhl are planning to disrupt the Babel conference of 2268, and sends the player back in time with Temporal Agent Pavel Chekov to stop them.
  • Faction FED23.png “Tangled Webs”: Daniels transports the player to 2268 during a battle between the Tholians, the Defiant and the Na'kuhl. He guides the player through the Tholian Flagship to rescue the Queen from Na'kuhl boarding parties. Daniels informs the player that the Defiant, who was in a state of flux in between universes during the fight with the Na'kuhl, could not be saved in accordance to the timeline.
  • FED23 “The Battle of Caleb IV”: During the battle against the Klingons, Daniels discovered a temporal anomaly on the Klingon Flagship, and beams the player aboard while their ship is still locked by tractor beams. The player's ship is freed and aids in protecting the escaping Federation starships. However, the player's ship is destroyed during the fight, and Daniels takes the player and some of the Senior Officers to 2409.

Age of Discovery[]

  • DSC “Downfall”: The player character's ship is sent forward to 2409 by J'Ula's mycelial weapon during the battle for Starbase 1, and recorded as being lost with all hands. Daniels greets the player in his Temporal Observatory, and warns of the danger J'Ula presents to the timeline. After speaking with the Logistics Officer and the Tailor, Daniels tells the player to speak with Temporal Agent Philip Crey and informs that he will keep in touch with them.

Yesterday's War[]

Daniels shows the player the Temporal Observatory - a place from where he monitors the timeline.

  • ALL “The Once and Future Agent”: The player is recruited by Daniels as a temporal agent.
  • ALL “The Core of the Matter”: Daniels brings the player to the Galorndon Core system in the 23rd century in order to stop the Na'kuhl from providing the Romulan Star Empire with an improved Doomsday Machine. At the mission's conclusion, Daniels doubles over in pain, and becomes disfigured.
  • ALL “Vorgon Conclusions”: With the player's assistance, Daniels follows the time-travelling path of the Tox Uthat, protecting it from various incursions by Boratus and Ajur. At the end of the mission, Daniels once again suffers a mysterious, spontaneous injury.
  • ALL “Terminal Expanse”: Daniels and the player travel to the Kelvin Timeline to assist the USS Yorktown in the destruction of a Sphere Builder sphere. Following the mission, Daniels' injuries increase in severity once again.

Future Proof[]

Daniels played a pivotal role in many iterations of the Battle of Procyon V.

  • ALL “Temporal Reckoning”: Daniels joins the player on a mission to stop a temporal incursion at New Khitomer; while there, he is killed by Noye. Captain Benjamin Walker reveals that Daniels' progressive injuries were a result of serving as a crucial figure through multiple iterations of the Battle of Procyon V.
  • ALL “Ragnarok”: Following Noye's defeat at the Battle of Procyon V, the timeline is altered, restoring Daniels to life without his accumulated injuries.

New Frontiers[]

PvE Queues[]

  • ALL “Days of Doom”: Daniels welcomes players to the 23rd Century and provides them with holo-emitters of era-appropriate ships to blend into the timeline before beginning the mission.
  • Faction Khitomer.png “The Battle of Procyon V”: Daniels guides the player through several iterations of the Battle of Procyon V, accumulating injuries with each repetition of the battle, until the Command Sphere is successfully destroyed.

Missions mentioned[]

Other involvement[]

  • "A Single Step": Kal Dano is speaking with Triphox, a Denobulan colleague as they run simulations on the Tox Uthat, and are now ready to test the quantum phase inhibitor on a dying star in the Alpha Quadrant. Dano is attacked by Vorgons who try to steal the Tox Uthat. Daniels arrives to stop the Vorgons and introduces himself to Dano.
  • "Stormbound Featured Episode": Kal Dano speculates about why the Tholians have stolen the Tox Uthat and lured him to the year 2410. He vows to retrieve the quantum phase inhibitor and will find a place and time to hide the device. Dano has been having premonitions, as well as interactions with Daniels, he fears he is nearing the end of his life.
  • "The Aftermath": Captain Walker and Commander Nereda discuss the recent disruption of the Temporal Accords ceremony in "Time and Tide". They speculate that Noye has joined forces with a group of Na'kuhl led by Vosk, as well as the Sphere Builders. They contacted Daniels, who has had experience with Vosk and the Sphere Builders, for assistance.
  • "Winter of Discontent": Boratus confronts a Starfleet Lieutenant among those he captured during the Breen attack on Earth. He exposes her escape plan, and turns the prisoners over to three Breen soldiers. After Boratus leaves, the Breen are revealed to be disguised Temporal Agents, led by Daniels. They send all of the prisoners home except for the Lieutenant; Daniels explains that the Lieutenant was meant to die during the attack, and cannot return home. Instead, he recruits her into Temporal Operations, and brings her to the future.
  • "Ripples": Aboard the U.S.S. Pastak, Lieutenant Ayobami Ibori and Commander Nereda summon Captain Walker from his ready room. They have identified an example of a unique type of temporal anomaly - one which creates two separate "blips" in the fabric of time, at different points. However, they are unable to find the secondary anomaly. Concerned, they call Daniels for a consult. Daniels assures them that he will find the secondary anomaly with the assistance of a certain captain, whereupon they can integrate the two anomalies to stabilize the timeline. Daniels asks Walker to take the Pastak to make contact with the primary anomaly - Admiral T'nae.
  • "Of Different Stars": Ensign Keero, who was adjusting into his new life 153 years in the future, recalls Daniels' explanation of feeling disoriented in such situations.
  • "You Can't Go Home Again": Daniels takes a team of temporal cadets to prevent an incursion on 22nd century Andoria.



  • With 17 missions featuring the character, each including unique voiceovers by Matt Winston, Daniels is the most featured canon character voiced by the original actor in Star Trek Online.

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