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StarfleetDant Kroll
Dant Kroll.png
Military Rank:
Lieutenant Commander
Deep Space K-7
Starship Vendor

Lieutenant Commander Dant Kroll is a Bolian Starfleet Engineering officer who can assist you in requisitioning new starships. He can be found in the Shipyard area of Deep Space K-7. He can also provide players with information about starship categories, configurations and the types of Starfleet ships available.

All of the starships he sells cost Energy Credits. When players reach a new rank and have a new set of ships unlock for them, they can purchase one ship at their new rank for free with a starship token. Dant Kroll doesn't have a huge range of ships and currently only has basic ships available to buy. For more starships players should visit Lieutenant Laurel at Earth Spacedock.

Starships Sold[]

Starship Cost (Energy credit icon.png)
Constitution Cruiser 20,550
Saber Escort 20,550
Nova Science Vessel 20,550