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A Debuff is a negative status effect that permanently or temporarily applies to the player and is the direct opposite of a "Buff". In Star Trek Online there are a large array of abilities both in ground combat and space combat that apply a debuff to both single and multiple targets. Multiple target debuffs are also referred to as an "AoE". A debuff can also be referred to as a status affect that applies a lingering damage effect causing damage to the target in intervals, although this is more commonly known as a DoT.

Debuffs are generally split into types, and Star Trek Online is no exception to this rule as it has multiple types of debuffs available to players to use. Debuffs can generally be counteracted with another ability, such as Viral Matrix can be countered with the Science Team ability.

The section below show debuff types and their counters, although please note this is a work-in-progress and it does not list all the debuffs in the game (and their counters).

Science Debuff Counters[]

Tactical Debuff Counters[]

Engineering Debuff Counters[]

Special Debuff Counters[]

Debuff types[]