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Designed to summon a duplicate version of your starship and draw fire from your enemies. Sometimes this also features a cloak or masking to further shield the player ship from damage.

Abilities Affected[]

  • Manheim Effect icon (Romulan).png Manheim Effect - Creates two temporal duplicates of your ship - one from the future, and one from the past for 30 seconds.
  • Particle Synthesizer icon (Federation).png Particle Synthesizer - A photonic decoy of player's starship is created to further confuse foes and prevent them from targeting the player's starship for 20 seconds.
  • Photonic Displacement icon (Federation).png Photonic Displacement icon (Klingon).png Photonic Displacement icon (Romulan).png Photonic Displacement - Generates a photonic duplicate of your ship while masking your own ship's energy signature for up to 15 seconds
  • Time Slip icon (Federation).png Time Slip - Calls in a Time Slip Duplicate of players ship to come to aid for 30 seconds
  • Warp Shadow Decoy icon.png Trait: Warp Shadow Decoy- Creates a Warp Shadow of your ship for 15 seconds that will taunt NPC enemy starships when you cloak.

  • Warp Shadows icon (Romulan).png Warp Shadows - Creates up to five (one per singularity charge) decoys of your ship. On use, your ship vanishes and reappears slightly displaced, along with the shadows. The shadows will try to mimic your movement.