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Terok Nor redirects here. For DS9's Mirror Universe counterpart, see Terok Nor (mirror).

Deep Space 9 (abbreviated to DS9) is a Federation space station located in the Bajor Sector. By virtue of being sited at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole, DS9 has become one of the most strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant as well as being a hub for diplomacy and commerce.

Due to this importance, it remained open to members of the Klingon Defense Forces during the Federation-Klingon War and functions as a hub for Jem'Hadar from Odo's expeditionary fleet.

The commander of the station, and of the U.S.S. Defiant which has been assigned to DS9 since 2375 (its predecessor being assigned in 2371), is Captain James Kurland.

System Description[ | ]

A space station originally built by the Cardassian occupation forces in orbit of Bajor, DS9 was surrendered to Federation administration in 2369. It became one of the most important strategic posts in Starfleet after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, and the station was moved to the mouth of the wormhole itself.

DS9 was key to the defense of the Alpha Quadrant during the Dominion War, and its commander, Benjamin Sisko, laid the groundwork that led to Bajor joining the Federation.

History[ | ]

Bajoran treaty

The Treaty of Bajor was signed at Deep Space 9 in 2375.

Deep Space Nine was built in 2351 as a mining station, serving Cardassian forces during the Occupation of Bajor. The station's original designation is Terok Nor.

In 2369 Starfleet takes control of the station at the request of the Bajoran provisional government. Following the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole the station is moved from its original position in Bajor's orbit and becomes one of the most important commerce facilities in the entire Alpha Quadrant. It is also the starting point for any ship exploring the Gamma Quadrant.

After hostile confrontations lead to all-out war, Deep Space Nine is at the center stage of the First Dominion War from 2373 to 2375. The station's crew, including commanding officer Benjamin Sisko, take part in many pivotal battles of the war.

Following the Dominion War, Deep Space Nine remains an important hub for trade, commerce, diplomacy and military operations. While True Way forces attempt to destabilize the region by attacking the station numerous times, DS9 is mostly recognized as the base of operation for joint Starfleet-Klingon anti-Borg operations.

As of 2410, Deep Space 9 is once again processing ore. However Bajorans refuse to work in ore processing due to memories of the occupation, so much of the work is conducted by refugees from the Gamma Quadrant. ( “Storm Clouds Gather”)

Design history[ | ]


The pre-Victory is Life Promenade design

For more images on the early design of the station, click here.

When initially introduced, the scale of DS9's exterior was closer to canon, however it was considered too small by players and was increased in size to better allow ships to fly through it. Also, the space around DS9 was a diffuse brown nebula. This was changed with the release Featured Series The 2800 to more closely resemble the purple Denorios belt seen in the series. The release of The 2800 also granted Klingon-faction players access to the station for the first time.

Victory is Life saw a total overhaul of the design of the Promenade, Ops and the exterior of the station to bring it closer to canon and increase the overall quality and feel of the design. Developers pored through shots from the entire series to faithfully recreate the design, and matched the old plans of the promenade to the size of the still-used Paramount studio. The sections of the promenade not built by the studio used elements inspired from various changes in the set design over the years. The size of the station exterior was not changed at that time, as it would require resizing on all maps that use DS9, and the usage of interior maps on combat ground missions was also not changed as it was difficult to arrange combat in the now much smaller interior.

Senior Staff[ | ]

Officer Position Years of Service
James Kurland James Kurland Commanding Officer -Present
Karen Andrews Karen Andrews First Officer KIA 2409
Sarish Minna Sarish Minna Operations Officer & Bajoran Liaison Officer -Present
Image Missing Ro Laren Head of Security 2382-
Ro Senna Ro Senna Security Officer -Present
Paj Esma Paj Esma Docking Operations -Present
Image Missing Benjamin Sisko Commanding Officer 2369-2375
Captain Kira Kira Nerys First Officer & Bajoran Liaison Officer 2369-2375
Commanding Officer 2375-?
Unspecified Position 2410-
Worf Worf Strategic Operations Officer 2372-2375
Nog Nog Engineer 2374-2375
Odo Odo Head of Security 2369-2375
Julian Bashir Julian Bashir Chief Medical Officer 2369-?

The station's Chief Engineer was previously mentioned as Commander Maxwell, with another engineer being Lieutenant Meyer. However both these NPCs were in missions that have since been removed from the game ( “Shutdown” and “Crack in the Mirror” respectively)

Locations & NPCs[ | ]

N-DS9 Phasing

A comparison of the security office sans Odo, and with Odo and Dukan'Rex. Both versions appear on the same map.

Deep Space 9's social map consists of the Promenade and Ops. Certain elements and NPCs appear only to characters who have completed specific missions in the Gamma Quadrant mission arc.

An example of this is the Dominion Embassy with Loriss. For players who have not reached “Scylla and Charybdis” this room will simply show a pile of crates, even as players who have completed Scylla and Charybdis interact with NPCs beside them. All NPCs in the list below who are subject to phasing have "(phased)" after them. Details on when these NPCs appear will be shown on their wiki page.

The Ward Room is not currently available on the social map, and is only accessible on certain missions. Missions set on Deep Space 9 which were released prior to the release of Victory is Life use the old Promenade and Ops map described in the "Design History" section above.

Operations[ | ]

N-DS9 Ops 2


N-DS9 Kurland's Office

The station commander's office

Promenade[ | ]

N-DS9 Bajoran Temple

The Bajoran Temple

N-DS9 Quark's Dabo

Quark's Bar

N-DS9 Infirmary

The Infirmary

N-DS9 Klingon Deli and Temple

The Bajoran Temple and Klingon Deli

N-DS9 Security Office

Security Office

N-DS9 Garak's Clothiers

Garak's Clothiers

N-DS9 Replimat, Embassy, Jumja

The replimat, Dominion Embassy and the Jumja stand

N-DS9 Shipyard

The Shipyard

N-DS9 Transporter

The Transporter Room

N-DS9 Bank Exchange

The Bank & Exchange Room

N-DS9 Baseball

Baseball pennants hung from the second level

The Promenade is the main center of activity for the station. Stationed at intervals around the circumference of the promenade are docking rings entries for returning to your ship, turbolifts to the upper level and mail stations. There are also pennants for various baseball teams from across the galaxy, recognizing DS9's association with the sport.

Outline of basic areas of the Promenade

North Quarter[ | ]
Bajoran Temple
Latinum Exchange.
Klingon Chef (Klingon Deli)
Memorial Plaque (upper level)
Onna, the Phoenix Prize Pack vendor
Quark's Bar
Quarks also has a Dabo wheel and a dart board.
Romulan Ambassador
Security Office
East Quarter[ | ]
Frontier Devices (Device Merchants)
Garak's Clothiers
Klingon Weapon Merchants
Vrann Kits (Kit Merchants)
Zazrit (common ground weapons)
Southern Quarter[ | ]
Admiral Marconi

Alpha Quadrant Outfitters (Personal Shields and Body Armor Vendors)

Commodities Brokers
Dominion Embassy (phased)
Jumja Vendor

Mugato Handler (provides the 800 Day Veteran Reward) (upper level)

Omega Force

A second replimat
Western Quarter[ | ]
Bank & Exchange room
Main Replimat
Starfleet Observer

Transporter Room (beaming to and from your ship)

Ward Room[ | ]

N-DS9 Ward Room

The Ward Room

The Ward Room is not part of the standard social map and can only be visited during specific missions, notably;

Other Locations[ | ]

DS9 Ore Processing Pylon

Ore Processing

In “Storm Clouds Gather”, the player visits Ore Processing in one of the pylons and defends it against the Hur'q. Currently it is the only other location visited in game.

However, in now-removed missions it was possible to visit the docking ring ( “Crack in the Mirror”) and the station reactor ( “Shutdown”).

Missions involved[ | ]

On the hull of DS9

On the hull of DS9 during the mission “Boldly They Rode”

DS9 Hur'q Damage

Damaged by the Hur'q

Adina Charles also gives out patrol missions for the surrounding space.

Missions formerly involved[ | ]

Other removed Cardassian Struggle missions began from NPCs on DS9, but did not involve it.

Notes[ | ]

Empok Nor

Empok Nor, as seen in the cut mission The Long Night

  • Although Deep Space 9 is officially within the Bajor System, both it and the wormhole are accessible separately from sector space.
  • The Cardassians have a second starbase identical to Deep Space 9 in the Trivas System, called Empok Nor. This station was however completely abandoned by both sides following the end of the Cardassian occupation and fell into disrepair. Empok Nor was previously featured in the now cut mission “The Long Night”.

External link[ | ]

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