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Starbase Deep Space K-13 (aka Fleet Station K-13) was a Starfleet station orbiting Beta Fornacis III, an unremarkable class K planet in the Deneva System, Orion Sector in the 23rd Century, active as early as 2256. The station was constructed by Starfleet shortly before in response to elevated Orion Syndicate activity in the sector.

By 2410, it has been relocated to the 20 Draconis System, in the Alpha Quadrant and retrofitted as a fleet holding. After sufficient advancement it will provide an increasing number of amenities to the members of the owning Fleet, including specialist vendors, mail, bank, and later an exchange terminal.

Deep Space K-13 Locations[ | ]

Exterior[ | ]

The Exterior of K-13 is enhanced through K-13 Tier development. There are 3 tiers. At the start the exterior is damaged; as you move up the tiers it is gradually fixed.


Interior[ | ]

The Interior of K-13 is enhanced through K-13 Tier development. There are 3 tiers. At the start the interior is damaged and full of debris; as you move up the tiers it gets cleaned up and repaired. K-13 is subdivided into three sections:

  • Central area
  • Retrofit Engineering Wing
  • Xenotechnology Wing

Floor 1[ | ]


  • Officer of the Watch (offers Officer of the Watch - K13 (Daily) mission)
  • Docking Master (allows player to change their active ship)
  • Duty Officer Assignments (offers Extract Draconis System Minerals duty officer assignment)
  • Ship Assignment Officer (allows player to purchase new ships)
  • Biologist (sells superior trait enhancements)
  • Xeno Equipment Vendor (sells Xenotech Modules and Kit Modules)
  • K-13 Personnel Officer (sells 23c. Andorian, Human, Tellarite, Vulcan bridge officers, Andrea Type Android Engineering Officer Candidate bridge officer, Dr. Brown Type Android Engineering Officer Candidate bridge officer, duty officers, and a small selection of training manuals)
  • Tailor (allows player to change their outfit, and purchase 23rd Century Jumpsuit and Exo III Outfit)
  • Retrofit Equipment Requisitions (sells retrofit Advanced Fleet Federation ground and space weapons)
  • Balok's Puppet (says various voicelines spoken by Balok from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, The Corbomite Maneuver
  • Miscellaneous NPCs (noninteractable)

Floor 2[ | ]


  • One unlabeled NPC (noninteractable)

Crew[ | ]

2270[ | ]

  • Ensign T'Met: Medical officer

1571[ | ]

  • Commander O'Ryan: Acting Station Commander
  • Meredith Nichols: Chief Engineer
  • Sheldon: Engineer
  • Dennis Sheridan: Nurse
  • T'Von: Security Officer
  • Yashvi
  • Arlington

2410[ | ]

  • Commander O'Ryan: Station Commander
  • Sheldon: Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Reeve: Chief Engineer
  • Captain B'ram: Commander, Klingon force (deceased)
  • Commander Krom: Commander, Klingon force
  • Lieutenant Varss: Klingon force
  • K'venn: Soldier, Klingon force
  • Torgal: Soldier, Klingon force
  • Laris: Klingon force
  • B'mera: Klingon force
  • Tomar: Squad Leader, Klingon force

Missions involved[ | ]

Painful Omens - Temporal Anomaly

K-13 gets pulled into a temporal anomaly

K-13 Discovered

K-13, rediscovered

Other involvement[ | ]

  • "Fleet Station K-13 Returns!": Nichols, Chief Engineer of K-13, confers with Acting Commander O'Ryan. They have determined that the station was sent back in time, to the year 1571, in a system that had not yet been discovered by either the Federation or the Klingons by 2270. Faced with few choices, O'Ryan elects to place K-13's crew, as well as their Klingon prisoners, into stasis; however, there are not enough stasis pods to accommodate everyone. After the stasis pods have been filled, Nichols begins to record a final log entry explaining the situation, and what those left without stasis pods had decided to do with themselves.
  • "Tales from K13 #1": Following the discovery of K-13 and the revival of its crew, K-13 crew member Sheldon has been promoted to Chief Engineer. The Klingon prisoners aboard the station have been freed and allowed to join the crew, though Sheldon retains a lingering distrust of them. Along with Crewman Reeve, Sheldon works to save the station from a collision with a large asteroid. After successfully using the station's thrusters to move K-13 out of harm's way, Sheldon attempts to remotely take control of the Earhart, the station's shuttle, which Klingon crew members had taken to destroy the asteroid - and themselves with it - if necessary. Sheldon is stopped by Reeve and two other engineers, and is transferred to the brig. Later, Reeve, having been promoted to Lieutenant, meets with station Commander O'Ryan and Commander Krom of the Klingon Defense Force. They theorize that Sheldon is suffering from stasis-induced dementia.
  • "Tales from K13 Part 2": Aboard the Earhart, the Klingon prisoners, led by Captain B'ram, prepare to land on the asteroid and plant explosive charges. B'ram tells his fellow Klingons that he intends to keep one of the charges for himself, and use it to seize control of K-13, killing the Starfleet occupants if necessary. Commander Krom privately disagrees with this course of action, believing that even if they managed to take the station, it would be no match for a Federation starship, or the Ferengi if they decided to return. With the assistance of Lieutenant Varss, Krom accelerates the planting of the charges and returns to the shuttle with his team; Captain B'ram is killed in the explosion. En route back to the station, they lose control of the shuttle, but are able to dock with the station. Lieutenant Reeve informs Krom that the "safety procedure" was initiated by one of the station's crew, and that it would not happen again.
  • "Tales from K-13 Part 3": Captain Ezri Dax of the U.S.S. Aventine arrives at K-13. There, she uses her personal experience as a counselor in Starfleet, as well as the combined life experiences of the Dax symbiont, to speak with Commander Krom and convince him that the Federation and Klingon Empire are now allies.

Advancement[ | ]

See also: List of K-13 projects

Instead of the three Starfleet tracks present in the Fleet Starbase advancement process, only two tracks (Retrofit Engineering and Xenotech Research) are present in the K-13 advancement process.

  • Unlocking higher Retrofit Engineering tiers will grant access to provisionable rewards: Fleet 23rd Century Weapons, 23rd Century Duty Officers, 23rd Century Bridge Officer Training Manuals
  • Unlocking higher Xenotech Research tiers will grant access to provisionable rewards: 23rd Century Kit Modules, Xenotech Engineering Consoles

Tier requirements and rewards[ | ]

Tier K-13 Retrofit Engineering Xenotech Research
Tier I
1,000 K-13 XP
  • Ship Selector
  • Retrofit Engineering Wing
  • Xenotechnology Wing
  • Biologist Facilities
Construction Projects
  • Transwarp to K-13
8,500 K-13 Retrofit Engineering XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
8,500 K-13 Xenotech Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
Tier II
3,000 K-13 XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Enhanced Biologist Facility
New Construction Projects
  • Inter-Fleet Shuttle
25,500 K-13 Retrofit Engineering XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
25,500 K-13 Xenotech Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
Tier III
6,000 K-13 XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Superior Biologist Facility
New Construction Projects
  • Personal Tailor Contact (Also includes Unique Costume Unlock)
59,500 K-13 Retrofit Engineering XP
New Provisioned Requisitions
59,500 K-13 Xenotech Research XP
New Provisioned Requisitions

Notes[ | ]

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