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Starbase Deep Space K-7 is a Starfleet station orbiting Sherman's Planet in the Sherman System, Aldebaran Sector. The base is an important hub for Starfleet's operations near the Klingon Empire and is notorious for its history with Tribbles. Deep Space K-7's functionality and make-up are comparable to the Klingon Ganalda Space Station.

History[ | ]

Welcome to Deep Space K-7

Welcome to Deep Space K-7

In the 2260s, Deep Space K-7, or "Deep Space Station K-7", was a civilian-owned Federation space station located 3.26 lightyears from the Klingon border. It became the site of storage for quadrotriticale destined for the colonization of nearby Sherman's Planet. In 2267, this fact also caused a temporary tribble infestation on the station.

Although Deep Space K-7 became outdated and had fallen into disrepair, it still played an important political role when peace talks between the Klingon Empire, Gorn and Nausicaans were held here in 2391. However, the talks were unsuccessful and only lasted for two days until an explosion and subsequent murder of a Klingon extremist (whose body was ejected into space but had snagged onto the outside of the station). By 2409, Deep Space K-7 was moved in an orbit around Sherman's Planet and Naomi Wildman had become the station's new commander. It is, however, still severely outdated and dangerously close to the border with the Klingons.


The main lobby

Locations & NPCs[ | ]

Main Area[ | ]


The Admiral's office

Admiral's Office[ | ]

The Admiral's Office is a large room with several NPCs. Curiously, however, the "Admiral's office" does not, in fact, contain an admiral.


The armory

Armory[ | ]


Club K-7

Club K7[ | ]


Dr. Yoc'm's lab

Dr. Yoc'm's lab[ | ]

The lab can be reached through the Turbolift in Club K7.


The shipyard

Shipyard[ | ]

Requisition Computers:

Other Computers:

Missions involved[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • In February and March 2012, Deep Space K-7's lighting was revamped along with some general optimization improvements and the addition of better background sounds. [1][2]
  • Until the removal of Memory Alpha, the mission “Quarantine” sent players to deliver some crates from there to Dr. Yoc'm on K-7. An alien bacteria escaped the freight and caused a quarantine on both the player's ship and the space station.

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