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Ground Mission Changeling Stasis Box.png
Uncommon icon.png
Defeated Changeling
Uncommon Inventory
Bind On Pickup
This Changeling is now your prisoner. Select and choose 'More Details' for instructions on delivering it to the proper authorities.
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: 20 Energy credit icon.png

Defeated Changeling is a mission item received when you defeat a Founder-Changeling in combat. After doing enough damage they will turn into a small puddle that merely tries to run away, at this point you can chase them down and interact with the changeling to capture them.

Item description text as viewed from the duty officer assignment:

This containment field is holding a defeated Changeling. It churns and bubbles quietly but shows no sign of further resistance.
Your Security Officer can assist you with delivering this Changeling into the hands of the proper authorities through a Duty Officer assignment. Visit your ship interior to speak with the Security Officer, or access the appropriate assignment from your Duty Officer interface.

Acquired from[]

Used for[]

The following duty officer assignments each reward 200 Dilithium Ore icon.png on completion:

Faction FED25.png “Deliver Defeated Changeling to Starfleet Security” given by Security Officer (FED)
Faction KDF.png “Deliver Defeated Changeling to Klingon Intelligence” given by Security Officer (KDF)