Defera Prime

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Defera from orbit

Asteroid shell
Native Species:
Defera System
Deferi Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Defera City.jpg
The city on the planet's surface

Defera Prime is a planet in the Defera System and homeworld of the Deferi. It has no moon but does have a partial asteroid field on its 'eastern' side. Ship and satellite debris can be found throughout this small asteroid field. On initial contact, Deferi Space Security will query unknown ships. Defera is a lush and vibrant world, featuring diverse plant life. Approximately 3.8 billion Deferi live on the surface. Alien visitors are beamed down at the southern portal of Defera's most ancient settlement.

Visitor center[edit | edit source]

The visitor center is a walled, square social area. The western portal leads to the glider park and a small building in the northwest. Nearby an old Preserver ruin can be found when leaving the center via the southern and eastern portal. From afar a Deferi metropolis is visible and the sky is populated by Deferi Shuttles and many Deferi are walking through the center. A high spire with holographic extensions can be found in the nothern part of the center and Ambassador Surah welcomes every visitor at the stairs in front of it. The central part of the compound consists of a plaza encircled by a water trench and can be reached by walking over any of the four bridges spanning over the water. In addition, holographic interfaces are spread across the center and some plants thrive within the walls aswell.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

Breen Invasion[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Cold Call”: You escort Ambassador Surah aboard the Jeska to Defera and fight off the Breen forces, led by Thot Wen on the surface. Then you protect the Jeska when the ship comes under attack by the Breen in orbit.
  • ALL “Cold Case”: In your search for the Preserver Archive, you beam down to a ruin on Defera in order to recover an ancient star map.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There aren't any anomalies in orbit or on the surface of Defera.