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Deferi Deferi Cruiser
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Cruiser (Mob)
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The Deferi Cruiser is a cruiser-level ship class used by the Deferi people. They are armed with a single [Phaser Cannon], and are therefore no match for ships of the Breen Confederacy. In 2409, a Deferi Cruiser serves as Ambassador Surah's unnamed flagship. There are three visually distinctive sub-classes.


Jeska type (aka Type 1 Cruiser)[]

Jeska type - Type 1 Cruiser

The Jeska type Deferi Cruiser consists of three parts: the forward section, main hull and engine section. The spinal hull is elongated and combines the front and the rear end of the ship. Small pods are attached to its underside. The vertically oriented front section is remotely crescent shaped and consists of two superstructures, the lower being the larger one. Three pylons stretch from the aft and leave blue trails at impulse speed. The Paktau type Deferi Frigate features as similar yet smaller design. In the Foundry, the Jeska type is classified as Generic Cruiser 2.

Type 2 Cruiser[]

CH-12703 Space Transport

The Type 2 is a rarely spawn Deferi Cruiser and notable for the two delta wings attached to the front section. The engine section features a long vertical exhaust like the Type 3 but the section itself is shaped differently. Both vertically oriented main sections are connected by a flat neck. Small pods are attached to its aft end. A blue deflector dish can be found at the bow, protruding from the forward section. The class name is derived from the Foundry, where it is called a Generic Cruiser 2 Type 2. The Holo Emitter item; Holo Emitter - Model CH-12703 Space Transport is this class of vessel.

Type 3 Cruiser[]

Type 3 Cruiser

A Cruiser Type 3 is another Deferi vessel and, like its sister ships, has two vertically oriented sections connected by a central beam. It is available as Generic Cruiser 2 Type 3 in the Foundry. The upper part of the forward part is rounded while the lower is wedge-shaped. There are pods attached to the spinal hull, too. Like the other Deferi Cruisers, the Type 3 is bigger than a Deferi Frigate but smaller than Deferi Battleships.




The Deferi Cruiser does not display any special powers.

Hull strength[]

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
10 11009 - -
11 11764 - -
12 12416 - -
21 19257 - -
36 33857 - -
43 42168 - -
48 46757 - -
49 47702 - -
51 49621 79698 129673

Vessels of the class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
Deferi Jeska.jpg Type 1
Jeska type
Deferi Cruiser Type 2.jpg Type 2
CH-12703 type
Deferi Cruiser Type 3 Port.jpg Type 3

Missions encountered[]

  • An inactive Type 3 Cruiser is always docked at Deferi Outpost 3.
  • “Cold Call”: The player escorts the Jeska into Defera's orbit. Later on, she comes under attack from Breen warships and has to be protected. The Jeska survives the battle.
  • “Aid the Deferi”: When playing in a group and at a higher difficutly than normal, a Deferi Cruiser will be present in the Deferi Patrol, guarding Deferi Frigates attacked by the Breen. A cruiser can also spawn at Outpost 3.


Jeska type Cruiser[]

Type 2 Cruiser[]

Type 3 Cruiser[]