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The Deferi Frigate is a medium sized frigate used by the Deferi people. Two variants are in use. Ships of this class are armed with a single Phaser Cannon, however, some of these ships aren't armed at all. Deferi Frigates are no match for ships of the Breen.


Paktau type

Paktau Frigate.png
Paktau type
The Paktau type bears a strong resemblance to the larger vessels of the Deferi Cruiser class. The tubular main section features three nacelles at its rear end in addition to a large engine exhaust. The forward section is vertically oriented. The Paktau type is called Generic Frigate 2 in the Foundry.

Sabok type

Sabok Frigate.png
Sabok type
The engines of the Sabok type, which has the same size and capabilities as the Paktau type, consist only of an large, rocket-engine-like exhaust at its aft end. Two short spikes extend form the forward section in upward direction. In the Foundry, the Sabok frigate is referred to as Generic Frigate 2 Type 2.




The Deferi Frigate does not display any special powers.

Hull strength

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
51 24810 39849 49874

Vessels of the class

Image Class Named Vessels
Paktau Frigate.png
Type 1
Paktau type
Sabok Frigate.png
Type 2
Sabok type

Missions encountered

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