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The Defiant pack of bridges (as differentiated from the free bridge model named Defiant in the Escort-exclusive bridge pack) is sold in the Zen Store for 400 Zen small icon.png. They bear strong relationship to one another, but these bridges may be installed on any ship (even a leviathan Star Cruiser,) and bear less close relationship to the actual bridge of the Defiant-class escort U.S.S. Defiant (NX-74205), as it is seen on the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

All bridges in this pack feature an upright Defiant-class Master Systems Display arranged to display to the port and starboard located behind the captain's chair, and six of the player's own Bridge Officers.


Warship Wide shot
Wide-angle shot of the Warship bridge from the starboard aft.
Warship From Front.jpg Warship From Rear.jpg
Warship bridge from the viewscreen. Warship bridge from the aft bay.


Utopia Long.jpg
Utopia long-angle shot from the aft bay.
Utopia From Front.jpg Utopia From Rear.jpg
Utopia Bridge from the fore. Utopia bridge from the aft bay.


Key Wide.jpg
Key bridge in wide-angle from the port aft.
Key From Front.jpg Key Aft Bay.jpg
Key bridge from the viewscreen/ Key Bridge showing off the aft bay and MSD.