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demorecord and demorecord_stop are special commands to record demo files of your game play.

How to "Demorecord"[]

Type in the in-game chat-window:

/demorecord yourfilename

to start a recording of the current game-session. When you want to end the recording, type (in the in-game chat window)


or simply switch to another instance. Your recording will be saved to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\demos" (or wherever else you have installed Star Trek Online to (hard-drive, file folder...), if you are using steam for example, sto can be found under "SteamApps") automatically.

To playback the demo-files, open the "Star Trek Online Launcher" (the window that pops up when you launch your game through steam or arc, the one where you have to hit the "Engage" button before playing) login as usual, then press "Options", scroll down to the "Command Line", and type

-demoplay yourfilename.demo

You can toggle on and off the Free Camera mode by pressing F2 during the playback. The controls for the Camera movement are:

  • Right mouse button - Rotate camera about its current position.
  • A and D - Move camera left and right (along X-axis), relative to current camera direction.
  • W and S - Move camera in and out (along Z-axis), relative to current camera direction.
  • Q and Z - Move camera up and down (along Y-axis), relative to current camera direction.


  • It is not possible to record when there is no chat window to type in
  • Some pseudo-maps used internally may cause a crash when demos on them are played back (such as the character selection screen.)

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