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Deployable space devices are rare ship device, consumables or not, obtained through Duty Officer Assignments or from equipping an item which can deploy devices, with or without the help of a skill.
Deployable space devices which stays in a fixed location after these are launched, can be :

  • Torpedo Platforms (consumable item)
  • Satellite Turrets (consumable item)
  • Cloaked Tractor Beams (weapon cast)
  • Mines (weapon cast)
  • ..

Deployable space devices which are moving to the enemy target (with a slow moving speed but high destructive power) after these are launched, can be :

  • Heavy Tricobalt Device (weapon+ability cast)
  • Heavy Plasma Torpedo (weapon+ability cast)
  • Transphasic Cluster Device (weapon cast)

Info The moving deployable devices are not torpedoes even if these are launched by a torpedo launcher item.

Using a consumable device, it deploys a level X+1 satellite turret or torpedo platform that will remain in a fixed position for 300 seconds and target nearby hostiles with a specific Damage type.

X = the level of player
  • If the player is level 35 then the Satellite Turret/Torpedo Platform will be 36.

Info If another player, level 50 will try to sell/trade Satellites/Torpedo Platforms level 51, to a player level 35, then the 35 level player will see that item as 36 level. The item auto - Scales the level.

Availability / Vendors[]

The consumable devices can stack up to 20 pieces.

Satellites and Torpedo Platforms can be obtained only from :

Faction FED25.png Assignment: Assemble from Prototype - Federation version which requires the Prototype Plans.
Faction KDF.png Assignment: Purchase Prototype - Klingon version which does not require Prototype Plans but the assignment costs 50,000 Energy credit icon.png to receive a stack with 10 or 20 pieces/charges. (depends on the Success of the assignment)
This item cannot be purchased from a npc vendor.
Can be traded, mailed, sold, or bought from the Exchange system.

List of Torpedo Platforms[]

So far there are 6 torpedo platforms (deployable devices) in game , same type as the normal torpedo launchers

Device - Plasma Torpedo Platform icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Plasma Torpedo Platform]

Orion Syndicate
Device - Quantum Torpedo Platform icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Quantum Torpedo Platform]

Device - Photon Torpedo Platform icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Photon Torpedo Platform]

Device - Transphasic Torpedo Platform icon.pngRare icon.png

[Device - Transphasic Torpedo Platform]

Device - Chroniton Torpedo Platform icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Chroniton Torpedo Platform]

Device - Tricobalt Torpedo Platform icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Tricobalt Torpedo Platform]


List of Satellite Turrets[]

So far there are 6 Satellite Turrets (deployable devices) in game, same type as the normal beam array.

Device - Heavy Plasma Satellite Turret icon.pngRare icon.png

[Device - Heavy Plasma Satellite Turret]

Orion Syndicate
Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret icon.pngRare icon.png

[Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret]

Device - Heavy Phaser Satellite Turret icon.pngRare icon.png

[Device - Heavy Phaser Satellite Turret]

Device - Heavy Tetryon Satellite Turret icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Heavy Tetryon Satellite Turret]

Device - Heavy Polaron Satellite Turret icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Heavy Polaron Satellite Turret]

Device - Heavy Antiproton Satellite Turret icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Device - Heavy Antiproton Satellite Turret]


List of Deployed Mines (weapon cast)- immobile[]

There are 6 mine types in game available to players, same type as the normal torpedo.

Plasma Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Plasma Mines]

[Plasma Mine Launcher]
Quantum Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Quantum Mines]

[Quantum Mine Launcher]
Photon Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Photon Mines]

[Photon Mine Launcher]
Transphasic Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Transphasic Mines]

[Transphasic Mine Launcher]
Chroniton Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Chroniton Mines]

[Chroniton Mine Launcher]
Tricobalt Mine Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Tricobalt Mines]

[Tricobalt Mine Launcher]

List of Miscellaneous Deployed Devices (weapon cast)- immobile[]

This mine is not for attack, it is only for slowing/debuff or power drain from enemy ships. It is more like an invisible trap for enemies.

Tractor Beam Mine Launcher icon.pngRare icon.png

[Cloaked Tractor Beam Mines]

[Tractor Beam Mine Launcher]
reward from mission “Cutting the Cord”

List of Mobile Deployed Devices (weapon+ability cast)[]

Plasma Torpedoes and Tricobalt Torpedoes have a distinctive feature—when fired by a bridge officer with the "Torpedo: High Yield" skill, instead of firing multiple standard torpedoes as all of the other launchers do, it fires one single "Heavy Plasma Torpedo" or "Heavy Tricobalt Device" that, if it hits the target, does massive damage. These mobile devices however, travels much slower than a standard torpedo, and is destructible.

Plasma Torpedo Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Heavy Plasma Torpedo]

[Plasma Torpedo Launcher]
Torpedo: High Yield
Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher icon.pngCommon icon.png

[Heavy Tricobalt Device]

[Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher]
Torpedo: High Yield
Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo icon.pngRare icon.png

[Transphasic Cluster]

[Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo]
reward from mission “Out in the Cold”
no ability required

  • For the Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher, there is a more powerful version,
    Tricobalt Mobile Device Launcher icon.png
    Very rare icon.png
    [Tricobalt Mobile Device Launcher Mk XII [CrtD] [CrthH] [Borg]] which costs 1 Mark XII Requisition. A Mark XII Requisition is obtained in exchange of a Prototype Borg Salvage. Once a player reaches 45 level, will receive 1 free Prototype Borg Salvage after visiting a NPC on DS-9 station. This is a good chance to get this end-game weapon at 45 level without doing a STF run. It has a high cooldown (1min) which can be lower on some conditions, but can create a Hvy Tricobalt Device III from High Yield III which if it hits the target it has the most destructive power in game.
  • For the Plasma Torpedo Launcher there is no enhanced item version in game. With Torpedo: High Yield the mobile device's title name Heavy Plasma Torpedo will remain as normal name even with High Yield III. However the damage should be higher with the higher High Yield level (unconfirmed).

Heavy Plasma Torpedo can apply DoT (Damage over Time) effect.[1]

  • [Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo] is not affected by High Yield ability, the created device (cluster with 12 mines) is not upgrading to level I or II or III.
  • The mobile devices hits with a kinetic damage and a specific damage. These damage types can be improved with Tactical Consoles.

Remember Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher and Tricobalt Mine Launcher shares same cooldown!

Fire Power - Satellites and Torpedo Platforms[]

A small but useful fire support .
The Satellite Turrets and Torpedo Platform do specific Damage type to a target and are not affected by player's skills or abilities improvments. Not sure if the energy bonus for each damage type applies or not.

  • For a level 51 Satellite compared with an enemy ship, same rank or same turret, the damage is very small (each hit on target will deal 10 HP damage with a critical chance for 22 HP) but can be a good help when you need to destroy a strong ship (for example an I.R.W. ship or a D'deridex battlecruiser), even in Elite Mode gameplay.

Usage / Tips - Satellites and Torpedo Platforms[]

After the related assignments are finished, Satellite Turrets and Torpedo Platforms will auto-equip on Device Slots on your ship and a new skill icon will be created on your ship space skills interface.

If it's not there means that all the slots are filled with another devices and will go into normal bag/inventory.
InfoThe device has no shields and for a level 51 item, a Hull with 3721 HP.
Once you have deployed (clicked on the icon skill) the Turret in space, the turret will move closer to the enemy or choose a good spot if you are within 10km agro/fire range.

Remember The Satellite Turrets and Torpedo Platforms shares same cooldown !

If you have more than one Deployable Devices types (Satellites/Platforms) or items in a stack, note that you can launch only one. So you can't launch a phaser satellite with an additional plasma or tetryon satellite or a Photon Torpedo Platform.
Does not share same cooldown with Federation - Call 1 random ship to help in battle when HP is bellow 50%Klingon - Call 1 random ship to help in battle when HP is bellow 50% Ability: Fleet Support and both can be used in combination.

InfoThe cooldown to launch a new satellite/platform is 300 seconds (5 min.).
Even if the satellite/platform was destroyed in the first seconds, the timer will keep counting down until 0. If the device was not destroyed, after 5 minutes it will vanish. When the cooldown is over then you can launch a new device.

Survivability tips for Satellite Turrets and Torpedo Platforms[]

Despite the name "Heavy", a satellite has only 3721 HP (level 51) with no shields and can be easily destroyed. Each hit it receives, will be directly to the Hull.

Lightbulb iconLaunched under some bad circumstances, these devices can be easily destroyed if are targeted.

The Satellite Turrets or Torpedo Platforms has no AI (Artificial Intelligence) to avoid been targeted or evade hits, nor auto-buffing. To make a maximum usage of the turret means to have it alive as much as we can as fire support and not being targeted.
How can we do this ? Important is to chose a best time when to launch it.


An excellent moment to deploy a Satellite or Torpedo Platform would be when you are alone and have to destroy a strong ship-boss, like a I.R.W ship or Daedrix Battleship, even in Elite Mode gameplay, but only in 1v1, and only after you started to fire and got the Aggro on your ship first. This will help you to destroy the ship-boss and finishing the Episodes faster.

A good moment to launch a Satellite or Platform would be when you are in a party and doing an event like Fight in War Zones, Borg Alert, mirror or even STFs when the scene battle is like 4v5 or 6 and the team has already started to fire from some time and got aggro.
Escort ships in P.v.E, in Elite Mode are really a pain and hit very hard. A good chance to destroy an escort ship (ie; Mogai Escort) in elite mode faster is to use a satellite turret.

Worst moment to launch a satellite/platform would be when you are alone or in party and you/party are out-numbered like 1v4 or 4v9.
Example: When you patrol a system or are doing an episode but you have to destroy some ships which are grouped and very closed to each other, your satellite turret will get targeted and be destroyed very fast without a chance for it to do much, if any, damage.


An excellent moment to deploy a satellite/platform in PVP would be when you are alone and you are in pvp Capture and Hold event and you have to hold a position. Deploy in front of you a lot mines and behind you this turret. The enemy player (1v1 by chance) when arrives will target you first, as usual.

A good moment to launch a Satellite or Torpedo Platform in PVP would be when you are in a party and doing Capture and hold or arena with an epic crowded battle and everyone is launching everything which can shoot and kill. In crowded scenes, players will usually target enemy players and not look for deployed devices.

Worse moment to launch this turret in PVP same as in PVE would be when you are alone or in party and you/party are out-numbered like 1v4 or 4v9. Your satellite turret will be targeted and destroyed rather quickly without a chance to do much, if any, damage.
Or when you are close to an enemy base filled with a lot of turrets by default as defense system.
Another worst case scenario is when you are fighting against a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort ship alone or in party. The Advanced Escort is capable of multi-vector assault mode which allows that ship to separate into 3 sections. The player can only use one section and other 2 will become 2 extra enemies fighting against you and targeting the deployed devices too.
It's not really a worse moment to deploy additional help, but in the last case your turret/platform will be quickly and easily destroyed and have no chance to do any significant damage.

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  • The Satellite Turrets and Torpedo Platforms are no longer bind-on-equip for the KDF players.
  • In Release Notes: March 15, 2012 the DoT effect on some Heavy Plasma Torpedo has been fixed and now should apply correctly to target.
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