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The Detapa Council is the civilian governing body of the Cardassian Union. It is led by Natima Lang. The legitimacy of the Council is questioned by the True Way, who form an active revolt against it.


Further information: Cardassian Union#History.

The Council was first formed in the 19th century with nominal authority over the military and the Obsidian Order, but had little real influence. When the Order fell in the 24th century, the Depta Council overthrew the military and established a true civilian government.

When Skrain Dukat orchestrated Cardassia's membership in the Dominion, the Council was dissolved and would not be re-established until the resolution of the Dominion War. Its reinstatement built on the dissident work of individuals such as Tekeny Ghemor, Natima Lang and their students and associates.

In 2386, the new provisional Detapa Council signed a new treaty with the Federation. In it, it agrees neither to field a military nor to wage war. Starfleet was assigned to protect Cardassian space if an invasion should happen. A few years later, a token force consisting of six ships was sent by the Council to aid Romulan relief efforts following the destruction of Romulus. Concerned with the conservation of Cardassia's remaining resources, popular opinion was against this decision.

In 2389, the Federation supervised elections for the Detapa Council. A civilian coalition led by Elim Garak narrowly defeated the hardliner faction under Gul Madred, who demanded the withdrawal from the latest Federation-Cardassian Treaty and the resurrection of the military.

Garak was succeeded by Natima Lang in 2401, shortly before the conflict with the True Way begins.


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