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Dielectric Oscillation Personal Shield icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Dielectric Oscillation Personal Shield
Very Rare Personal Shield
Bind On Pickup
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

___ Maximum Shield Capacity
Fully regenerates after not taking damage for 3 secs.
Reduces Polaron Damage to Shields by 20%
When attacked in Melee, 33% Chance to apply Cryokinetic Dispersal to attacker:
  • __ Cold Damage (50% Shield Penetration)
  • -66% Run Speed for 3 sec
Value: Energy credit icon.png

The Dielectric Oscillation Personal Shield is a personal shield.

Game Description[]

Personal Shields protect you by absorbing most of the damage from energy-based attacks and a portion of the damage from physical attacks. Shields rapidly regenerate once they have not sustained damage for a brief period of time. Dieletric Oscillation Personal Shields are favored by the Breen. Designed to function without issue within the Breen's natural environment, these shields can lower the ambient temperature of the space around them to near absolute zero in response to impact.

This item may be freely upgraded to Mk XII.


The Dielectric Oscillation Personal Shield can be obtained from the Yesterday's War mission “Vorgon Conclusions”.


The Dielectric Oscillation Personal Shield Mk XII can be upgraded using the Ground Gear Tech Upgrades. It will receive an additional modifier on successful rarity improvement:

Rarity [Mod] Effect
Ultra Rare [Cap] +___ Maximum Shield Capacity
Epic [Cap2] +___ Maximum Shield Capacity