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Dilithium Mine Provisions
Very Rare Inventory
Bind On Pickup

Value: 800 Energy credit icon.png
Dilithium Mine Provisions icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Dilithium Mine Provisions can be purchased from the Ships' Replicator for captains who are members of a fleet. Their sole use is as an input for Fleet Dilithium Mine projects.

Obtain Through Purchase[]

Like other commodities, Dilithium Mine Provisions are available for Fleet Credits inside the player's Replicator as long as the player is a member of a fleet. The cost is a sliding scale based on the current tier of the fleet's Starbase Industrial Fabricator.

Fabricator Tier Fleet Credit cost
5 400Fleet Credits
4 500Fleet Credits
3 550Fleet Credits
2 600Fleet Credits
1 650Fleet Credits
0 750Fleet Credits

Obtain Through Critical Success[]

Another way to obtain Dilithium Mine Provisions, is to gain a critical success on Fleet Duty Officer Mining Assignments given by the Miner Foreman located at the Fleet Dilithium Mine


Notice when buying through the replicator that the cost is Fleet Credits not Energy Credits