Dilithium Mine Provisions

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Dilithium Mine Provisions
Very Rare Inventory
Bind On Pickup

Value: 800 Energy credit icon.png
Dilithium Mine Provisions icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Dilithium Mine Provisions can be purchased from the Ships' Replicator for captains who are members of a fleet. Their sole use is as an input for Fleet Dilithium Mine projects.

Obtain Through Purchase[edit | edit source]

Like other commodities, Dilithium Mine Provisions are available for Fleet Credits inside the player's Replicator as long as the player is a member of a fleet. The cost is a sliding scale based on the current tier of the fleet's Industrial Fabricator.

Fabricator Tier Fleet Credit cost
5 400Fleet Credits
4 500Fleet Credits
3 550Fleet Credits
2 600Fleet Credits
1 650Fleet Credits
0 750Fleet Credits

Obtain Through Critical Success[edit | edit source]

Another way to obtain Dilithium Mine Provisions, is to gain a critical success on Fleet Duty Officer Mining Assignments given by the Miner Foreman located at the Fleet Dilithium Mine

Notes[edit | edit source]

Notice when buying through the replicator that the cost is Fleet Credits not Energy Credits