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Dilithium Mining Claim icon.png
Common icon.png
Dilithium Mining Claim
Common Inventory
Consumed On Use
Account Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

This Dilithium Mining Claim allows one mining attempt of a Rich Dilithium Vein at the Asteroid Mining Field, or may be exchanged for a lesser amount of Fleet or Reputation Vouchers.

You must have this Mining Claim with you or in your regular bank in order to advance the mission, "Rich Dilithium Claim"

Activate Mining Claim
Opens hailing frequencies to Isihl, the proprietor of the Dilithium Asteroid Mining Event.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png


Dilithium Mining Claim is an inventory item that can be used in the following activities:

  • Participate in ALL “Rich Dilithium Claim (Daily)” at the Vlugta Asteroid Field.
  • Having one or more Dilithium Mining Claims will grant the Activate Mining Claim, that can be found under Abilities.
  • Players can trade in their Claims to the Ferengi EV Suit Vendor at The Nerrak located in the Vlugta Asteroid Field, where players may exchange Dilithium Mining Claims for Dilithium Vouchers.
    • Each Claim may be exchanged for either 2,500 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers or 2,500 Fleet Dilithium Vouchers.
    • Players may exchange up to 50 Claims at a time.
    • Vouchers cannot be traded or exchanged, and unlike the Claim that is account bound - vouchers will instead be bound to the character that makes the exchange.
    • There is no limit to the number of Claims a player may exchange.


Opening a Lock Box will give the player a chance to obtain one of three types of Mining Claim packages:

  • The Preferred Customer Package includes six (6) Dilithium Mining Claims.
  • The VIP Customer Package will include ten (10) Dilithium Mining Claims.
  • The Extra-Special VIP Customer package includes fourteen (14) Dilithium Mining Claims.


  • Isihl's dialogue indicates that Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulans must complete the mission "Bigger Picture" before they are allowed to mine the claim.
  • As of the 2nd of October 2014, Dilithium Mining Claims became account bound on pick-up, instead of character bound.