Dimorus II

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
Romulan Star EmpireDimorus II

Dimorus II orbit.jpg
Dimorus II from orbit

one (unnamed)
Dimorus System
Tarod Sector
Beta Quadrant

Dimorus II is the site of the Romulan] space station S'harien Station, where the Romulan military conducts experiments with Borg technology under the directive of Commander T'Vrea. The planet is orbited by an unnamed natural satellite and an asteroid field. In addition, a ring consisting of small particles surrounds the planet.

Vulcan legends also say that during the Sundering, a sword created by the great Vulcan weaponssmith S'harien was lost on Dimorus II during a battle between two noble houses. The winners of that battle went on to be the first rulers of Romulus.

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