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Dominion Transponder
Epic Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
Activate to open the Gamma Recruit User Interface. This will be used to track your progress through the Gamma Recruit system.

(This device cannot be sold or discarded).
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Dominion Transponder icon.png
Epic icon.png

The [Dominion Transponder] is an inventory item granted to all Jem'Hadar/Vanguard characters created during the Gamma Recruitment event that complete the non-repeatable introductory mission Faction Dominion.png “Turn the Tide” during the event. All characters receiving this item are known as Gamma Recruits. The item is used to open the Gamma Recruit User Interface, and provides access to its associated rewards.

Game Description[]

Gamma Recruit User Interface

An encrypted device given to all Gamma Recruits. It allows you to communicate covertly with your special handler, and provides the means to call for support after you complete specific assignments.

Activating this device will open the Gamma Recruit User Interface. This window will display a list of tasks and goals that you will be directed to complete. Each time a task is completed, you will be granted the opportunity to claim a reward from this interface.

Completing various tasks may also grant Account-Wide rewards. Any such rewards can be claimed by visiting Faction FED25.png Philip Crey at Earth Spacedock, Faction KDF.png Commander Q'on in First City, or Faction Romulan Republic.png Subcommander Kail at the Romulan Flotilla. Once unlocked, each Account-Wide reward can be claimed a single time by each character on your account.

Victory is Life!

(This device cannot be discarded or sold. If ever lost, visit agents mentioned above to claim another.)

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