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Military Rank:
Elite Tactical Drone
Vega IX
I.R.W. Valdore

Donatra is a Romulan Commander who by 2409 has been assimilated into the Borg Collective as an Elite Tactical Drone.


Shinzon's coup and aftermath[]

Imperial Romulan state[]

  • 2381: Donatra takes over several agricultural worlds and declares herself Empress of the Imperial Romulan State. This action threatens Romulus with severe food shortages.
  • 2383: Donatra's fleet scores a major victory over Commander Tomalak at Xanitla. Admiral Taris defects to Donatra's side during the battle.
  • 2384: Empress Donatra agrees to a conference following the Star Empire's defeat at Xanitla to discuss the creation of new borders and the establishment of a neutral zone, between the Star Empire, and the Imperial Romulan State. Donatra sends Admiral Taris to the Romulan capital as her representative, but later recalls her after being accused in taking part in Tal'aura's assassination.

Re-integration period[]

  • 2385: Donatra meets with then-Proconsul Sela and Rehaek on Romulus to find a peaceful diplomatic solution. The worlds of the Imperial Romulan State are folded back into the Romulan Star Empire, but Donatra maintains control of her military and keeps them off-world in the event the peace does not last.
  • Donatra later refuses Sela's bid for the title of Praetor ensuring her defeat in the elections.
  • Donatra later travels to Remus to meet General Xiomek of the Remans, offering them full citizenship in the Empire and representation in the Romulan Senate in exchange for their support. This adds to Donatra's formidable military might, leaving Sela and Praetor Chulan afraid to challenge her.
  • As a result of the new alliance with the Remans, Donatra utilizes the dilithium and heavy metals from Remus to reopen shipyards and munitions plants untouched since Shinzon's revolt and energy rationing soon becomes a thing of the past. This also allows her new partner, General Xiomek, to take a seat in the Romulan Senate.
  • 2386: Donatra comes to the defense of Sela at the last minute after the latter is sentenced to death for killing Rehaek and his family. Stating that the evidence is not overwhelming, Donatra presses Praetor Chulan to allow Sela and her supporters permanent exile instead of death.


  • 2387: Following the closing of a session of the Romulan Senate, Donatra accepts an invitation by Xiomek to inspect the new Reman colony in the Crateris System. After arriving, Donatra and Xiomek spend several hours in a classified meeting, where it is believed that Xiomek gives Donatra information about possible rogue elements in the Romulan military and government. She later decides to return to Romulus sooner than expected and invites Xiomek to join her at the next meeting of the Romulan Senate.
  • On Stardate 64444.5, the I.R.W. Valdore reports unusual stellar activity, including a disturbance equivalent to a force seven ion storm. Romulus loses contact with Donatra's ship, and dispatches four D'deridex Battlecruisers to search for the Valdore.

Missions involved[]

  • “Khitomer Vortex”: The players encounter Donatra, now a Borg drone, aboard the Valdore in the Quadra Sigma System. Her forces have created a temporal vortex, and are sending ships through it. The players are able to prevent more drones from passing through the vortex and destroy the Valdore, but the players detect escape pods entering the vortex.
  • “Khitomer in Stasis”: Donatra and the drones under her command arrive at secret base beneath the Federation Vega Colony in 2409. The base has existed for years prior to Donatra's arrival, and contains older models of Borg drones. Donatra's forces begin to reactivate and upgrade the older drones in preparation for an attack on the colony. When the players storm the base, she has Tosk of Borg engage them while she beams out with an unidentified piece of machinery.


  • It is unclear when or how Donatra was assimilated. She retains her military uniform, and no Borg designation is referenced during either mission.

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