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FerengiDrozana System
Drozana System.jpg
Donatu Sector
Beta Quadrant

Drozana Sector Map.png

The Drozana System is a system located in the Donatu Sector of the Beta Quadrant. It is home to Drozana Station, a space station owned by a Ferengi named Belan.

System Description[]

Drozana Station is an old Federation deep space station located in the midst of the Federation-Klingon neutral zone. Over a century of warfare has taken its toll on the station, which has changed hands many times. It is currently a dilapidated trading hub managed by Ferengi.

Starships in the Drozana System[]

In addition to player vessels, several NPC starships can also be seen in the space near the station. These include the following:

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Missions involved[]

See Drozana Station