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Nurse — Ground
[GR] Chance to activate an EMH Mk I when using a hypo
"I'm a doctor, not a door stop."
  • Faction: Faction Khitomer.png Cross-Faction
  • Quality: Epic
  • Species: Photonic
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Senior Chief Specialist
              Senior Chief Specialist
  • Department: Doff dept Starfleet Medical.png Medical
  • Specialization: Nurse
    On use of any hypo, provides a chance to activate an EMH Mk I who will heal you and your allies for a while before deactivating.

    25% chance: Activate an EMH Mk I to provide medical support
  • Traits


  • This duty officer's active roster ability is similar to other nurse duty officers, but instead of spawning a random medic NPC, it activates a copy of the Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I.
  • This duty officer is obtained from “All That Glitters”.
  • The quote in the EMH Mk I's dossier is from the character's appearance in Star Trek: First Contact, which in turn was from Leonard McCoy.
  • Due to a glitch, this duty officer, despite being epic, did not have a quality bonus, which used to make it practically equal to common (white) quality. The error was fixed some weeks after its release.