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Disambig icon.png For its 23rd century counterpart, see Earth Spacedock (23rd Century).

Earth Spacedock is a facility orbiting Earth in the Sol System and serves as the main hub for all Federation players.

General information[]

Although Earth Spacedock's main frame has originally been constructed sometime prior to 2285, it has since been outfitted with state-of-the-art technology. As of 2410, the commanding officer of the station is Captain Akira Sulu who handles organisational businesses for the station's Commander-in-Chief Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn.

Earth Spacedock is one of Starfleet's largest orbital installations. Its beam and draft are 3,812 m and 5,544 m, respectively, with a total dry mass of 10,552,000 t. It offers a volume of 21,924,000 m³ and has a complement of 312,000.

Starships in the vicinity[]


Earth Spacedock Master Systems Display

Earth Spacedock has the following accessible areas:

  • Deck 47 - Strut frames 147-152 (see subsections below)
  • Deck 83 - Sections Red & Blue (only for Foundry doors)

Transporter Room[]

This is the room you are first in when you beam down to Earth Spacedock. You can also beam down to Starfleet Academy from there.

  • Chief Ch'Thras welcomes you and provides navigational information around Earth Spacedock.
  • Golos Vell

Main concourse & Shipyard[]

The main concourse of Earth Spacedock's deck 47.

Display listing starships docked in Earth Spacedock.

The Main Concourse is the central plaza of Earth Spacedock's deck 47. At the Shipyard, players can select and customize their starship, as well as obtain new vessels.


The infirmary of Earth Spacedock's deck 47.

Requisitions & Exchange[]

Requisitions and the Exchange

View of the shuttlebay adjacent to the Requisitions area

This is where players may purchase personal kits and equipment, as well as alter their appearance and costume, for a price. Players will also find the bank, their fleet bank, and the Exchange, where players purchase and sell items with other players.

Operations & Admiral's Office[]

Earth Spacedock Operations, including the holographic representation of the station and stationed ships

In Operations, which is the location of the Admiral's Office, players can talk to Admiral Quinn and get information on what to do once they're commanding their first vessel.

Club 47 & Rondel[]

Club 47's Astrolounge and...


Some random guests occasionally visit Club 47 (here: Parts of the Enterprise-F's crew, amongst others)


Deck 47's mezzanine

The Mezzanine is an elevated walkway accessible via the turbolifts. It allows an overview over the entire main concourse and shipyard. It offers seating areas, including a 3D-chess table, and is designed as a hang-out and relaxation area. It also contains a memorial plaque, dedicated to deceased Star Trek cast and crew.

Missions involved[]

Earth Spacedock, heavily damaged by an Undine ambush in 2410

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #1, Captain Tom Paris meets with Admiral Jorel Quinn in his office onboard ESD to discuss the formation of Delta Flight. It is also implied that Paris used to be the commanding officer of ESD prior to Quinn.
  • In Tales of the War #14, Admiral Quinn records a personal log from his office on ESD. He reflects on the disastrous events of “Broken Circle”, and privately disputes claims that the attack on the Herald Sphere was even a partial victory. He notes that Herald attacks have increased since the attack, and that L'Miren's Heralds are now joining the fight. He notes that while Starfleet had elected to reject the Krenim weapon, he fears that recent events will cause Starfleet Command to reevaluate that decision.


The original ESD design, entrance to the Admiral's office shown

  • This map replaced the old Earth Spacedock map with the release of Season 9. In the mission “Surface Tension”, which was released along with the redesign, the player fights Undine boarding parties in the destroyed old interior map of the Spacedock, thereby giving somewhat of an in-universe explanation for the map-revamp.
  • Following the death of Leonard Nimoy in February 2015, a plaque dedicated to the memory of all deceased cast and crew of the Star Trek franchise was erected in the mezzanine, and black banners were displayed during a week of mourning from March 5 through 12.
  • Several hanging lights where added to the main concourse of ESD along with the graphics/lighting update released with Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts.
  • During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the Pasteur was joined by the U.S.S. Comfort and U.S.S. Mercy (named for the US Navy hospital ships) outside the station. Inside, the Pasteur is no longer visible inside the docking bay, and two other Olympic-class ships (presumably the Mercy and Comfort) are visible from the windows in the operations area.
  • As of September 14, 2021 with the release of Season Twenty-four: Reflections and the new TFO ALL “Operation: Wolf”, the shuttlebay is now accessible to players and Ghemik Telur has received voice-overs.

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