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Faction Starfleet.png Earth Spacedock (pre-Season 9)

Earth Spacedock pre-Season 9.png

Sol System
Vulcan Sector
Facilities Available
Map of Earth Spacedock (pre-Season 9) interior

Earth Spacedock is a facility orbiting Earth in the Sol System, and serves as the main hub for all Federation players. Although Earth spacedock was constructed sometime prior to 2285, its nine accessible main sections are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology.

With the release of Season 9, this old map was replaced with a newly designed Earth Spacedock.


Transporter Room[]

This is the room you are first in when you beam down to Earth Spacedock. You can beam down to Starfleet Academy from there.

  • Chief Ch'Shen welcomes you and provides navigational information around Earth Spacedock.
  • Golos Vell

Admiral's Office[]

Admiral Quinn's Office

At the Admiral's Office, players can talk to Admiral Quinn and get information on what to do once they're commanding their first vessel.


At the Shipyard, players can talk to select and customize their starship, and a turbolift to Starship Requistions allows new ships to be obtained.

Ship Requisitions[]

View from Starship Requisitions

A room accessible only from the Shipyard, Ship Requisitions is where you can requisition weapons, consoles, and equipment for your starship.

  • Dirz Raxx, from whom can customize your starship
  • Ensign Obin, from whom you can select which of your starships to use at the moment
  • Shalah, from whom you may requisition starship components for energy credits
  • Lieutenant Commander Ophlim, from whom you can requisition starship components for dilithium.

Until season 9.5.The dilitium shop is particaly remowed

  • Lieutenant Laurel, who can provide information regarding the requisitioning of starships
  • Ensign Byarnez, who can provide information regarding the requisitioning of shuttles
  • Commander Tafeng


Class of 2409 graduates are ready to serve

In this section of Spacedock, players can requisition bridge officers and start and manage their own fleets. Through the door is the sickbay.

  • Lt. Commander Elsa Mora, the go-to person for requisitioning bridge officers
  • The Bridge Officer Trainer, the person you go to for training your bridge officers
  • The Fleet Ambassador, who can help you start or manage your fleet
  • Commander Balt, who provides you information about ranks, levels, and skill points
  • Civilian Contractor



Stateroom for promotions and lectures

This is the conference hall where several nameless NPCs brag about random players and watch on as an officer speaks about advances in astrophysics.

  • Commander Menn Hilo, who is speaking to the nameless NPCs about astrophysics. If you talk to him as a Lieutenant or lower, he will refuse to do anything other than greet you
  • Captain David Ford

Control Center[]

In the center of Spacedock is an Ops-like control center where the main crew works.

  • Lt. Commander "Egg" E'genn, who provides information regarding the Memory Alpha project and science in general. Egg now provides the initial quest to go to Memory Alpha and contact Jenna Romaine who has been moved to that station.
  • Lieutenant Ort, who simply redirects players looking for Commander Romaine to Memory Alpha.
  • Lieutenant Carei
  • Lieutenant Commander Okret, a Skill Trainer who can help you with respecs
  • The Assignment Officer who answers questions about mission difficulties
  • Lieutenant Mieri
  • Security Officer, Duty Officer Assignment Giver

Exchange, Bank, and Mail[]

Here players will find the bank, their fleet bank, and the Exchange, where players purchase and sell items with other players. Next to the bank consoles there are Mail consoles which allow to send items to other characters.

  • Market Speculator


This is where players may purchase personal kits and equipment, as well as alter their appearance and costume, for a price.

Club 47[]

Off duty officers enjoy Club 47

This is a bar and lounge where players can pick up or just meet others and talk. They can also trade with Pag, a Ferengi dealer who stands at the back of the room.


  • Commander Winter's position was originally held by Akira Sulu. Since many beginners did not know where the NPC was located, the question "Where's Sulu?" became somewhat iconic in the early days of Star Trek Online. A dialog between two NPCs in front of the Admiral's Office still refers to this. Akira Sulu is now back on ESD
  • The original design of Earth Space Dock was controversial from the very beginning. Many fans wanted to see the more familiar shape from the Star Trek movies. It wasn't until the first anniversary of Star Trek Online that this change was actually made.
  • Most of the interiors were also re-designed. The most drastic changes were made to Admiral Quinn's office, Club 47 and Starship Requisitions - now featuring a window overlooking docked Odyssey Class, Galaxy Class, Armitage Class, Ambassador Class, Vesta Class, Avenger Class, and Regent Class vessels.
  • The original Admiral's office can now be found on Starbase 39.
  • The developers had plans for the original Space Dock to be destroyed by invasion forces. As they could not implement such an event in time, they decided to explain the altered appearance with a practical joke by Q. A post on the official website stated that Q decided to reconfigure it in a more familiar shape and to renovate its interiors. The starbase's orbital position was changed as well. Originally it faces the American continents on Earth while it now orbits half way between Europe and North America.
  • Earth Spacedock was revamped upon the release of Season 9: A New Accord. Unlike the previous redesign however, this change only affected the interior of the station. The change was showed in-universe during the episode "Surface Tension" which featured the near destruction of Earth Space Dock. Tuvok commented during the episode that "the damage is to Earth Space Dock is extensive, but we will rebuild." That episode is now the only place where the old ESD design can be seen.
    • Surface Tension also revealed ESD NPC E'genn to be an Undine. E'genn was thus not present in the Season 9 revamp of ESD.

2nd Iteration[]

Original Earth Spacedock[]

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