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Elite Bridge Officer Training Token
This token is used to unlock additional capabilities on your Bridge Officer

Select this item and choose "More Details" to learn what this token can do for your Bridge Officers!
Value: 0 Energy credit icon
Elite Bridge Officer Training Token icon
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Elite Bridge Officer Training Tokens can be used to upgrade Player character Bridge Officers to Elite status. An "Elite" designation will also be appended to the Bridge Officer's career path, for example a Starfleet Tactical Bridge Officer would become an Elite Starfleet Tactical Bridge Officer.

This boost increases the Bridge Officer's rarity to Ultra Rare, automatically learns all standard Bridge Officer Abilities, upgrades all of their Inherent Traits to Maximum Rank, unlocks one additional Personal Ground Trait slot, one Personal Ground Device slot, and one Kit Frame slot for the Bridge Officer that is upgraded. Elite Bridge Officer Training Tokens are applied on a per bridge officer basis, and are not account-wide. They must be applied per bridge officer, per character.

In order to apply this token, navigate to your Bridge Officer's status window and click on the Upgrade button below the image of your Bridge Officer to perform the upgrade. On console (e.g. Xbox One), click on the locked Kit Frame or Device slot.

Elite BOFF Upgrade UI

Upgrade UI for the special Discovery-era Starfleet Science Bridge Officer, Michael Burnham.

Acquisition[ | ]

They can be found and purchased from the Zen Store under the "Featured" tab or the "Items / Ground Items" tab for 500Zen small icon for one, or 1200Zen small icon for a discount pack of four. They can also be traded or sold to other players, and can be found on the exchange under the "Starship Upgrade" tab.

One was made available for free to all players (bound to account) for a month following its September 13, 2022 launch with Season Twenty-seven: Ascension on PC, and subsequent launch on console, with additional free upgrades to be released at a later date, tied to events, bundles, etc.

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