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The Elite Services Starter Pack is a Zen Store bundle released on December 4, 2018 for all platforms. It is a once-per-character purchase that contains a number of slots and skill retrain tokens. Player must have completed a tutorial prior to purchase. The Elite Services Starter Pack is available in the Zen Store for 1000 Zen small icon.png and contains items worth 3250 Zen small icon.png.


Purchasing this item unlocks the following on the character:


Elite Services Bundle
Epic Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup

Contains multiple service options, designed to increase your character's capacity in multiple ways. Select and choose "More Details" to view details of its contents.

More Details:

** Rewarded as part of Special Promotion. Each item received from this opening this package will be Character Bound.[sic]

The contents of this bundle contains various options for increasing the storage capacity of your character in various ways. Each improvement will be received as a separate account-tradeable package if you are already at your maximum capavity.

This package contains the following items:

* 36 Inventory Slots

* 36 Bank Slots

* 2 Bridge Officer Slots
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
  • A special version of this bundle has been given away by various promotions. Sometimes they are "Elite Services Starter Pack", but other times they are "Elite Services Bundle" (right), which has the same bank, inventory and boff slots, but no captain retrain tokens.
  • If your character already has the maximum amount of Bank, Inventory, or Bridge Officer slots, an item (below) will appear in your inventory representing the one you are maxed out on which can then be traded to another character on your account.
  • This item replaces the previously available Elite Starter Pack.

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