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Engine Battery
Common Ship Device
Consumed On Use
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Repairs offline engines subsystem
+__ Engine Power Setting for 10 sec
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png

Engine Battery icon.png
Common icon.png

The Engine Battery is a common consumable single-use device that provides a short duration increase to your engine power level.

There are 2 variants of this item :

  • Engine Battery
  • Engine Battery - Large


Engine Battery icon.png

Engine Battery

+75 Engine Power Setting for 10 sec
Engine Battery - Large icon.png

Engine Battery - Large

+100 Engine Power Setting for 10 sec
Value: 200 Energy credit icon.png Value: 20 Energy credit icon.png


  • Engine Battery can be purchased from NPC "Requisition Ship Equipment" in shipyards or starbases for 200 Energy credit icon.png.
- List of NPCs who sell Engine Battery:
Faction FED25.png Shalah at Earth Spacedock's Starship Requisitions Room
Faction FED25.png Obb at Deep Space 9's Docking Ring (Shipyard)
Faction FED25.png Esheli at Deep Space K-7 Station in the Shipyard Room
Faction FED25.png Jessiek at Starbase 39 in the Exchange and Shipyard Room
Faction KDF.png Gurkan at Qo'noS system - Shipyard
Faction KDF.png Tok at Ganalda Space Station in the Armory Room
- This item can be obtained in game for free as low percentage drops from space combat
- This item can be obtained from the Faction FEDKDF.png “Assemble Ship Engine Battery” assignment.

  • Engine Battery - Large cannot be purchased from NPCs.
- The Large version can be obtained in game for free as low percentage drops from space Special Task Force missions
- It can be crafted once a character has reached level 5 in the Engineering/Science School. Crafting lasts for 5 minutes and yields a stack of 5x on Success or 10x on Critical.